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  1. radu_sergiu

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    i allready change the keybord. everything is fine. i like this rom, i think i will stay with this one for a period of time.
  2. radu_sergiu

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    i tried lewa baseband, but it did not work at all. accidentally, i find out basesband for g510 010, and it works, even if i am from romania (i know that g510 010 is designed only for china). ok, it does not matter, important is that it is working right now, only some issues with baidu keyboard.
  3. radu_sergiu

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    i can not hang up the call, even if i have flashed eu baseband. do you have any ideea? thanks.
  4. radu_sergiu

    Alternative battery

    hi. is it compatible with g510? do you have a link for this one? thanks !!!
  5. hi. so, if i understood well, the rom has a problem with baseband, isn' it ? but if we will flash the rom and after that EU baseband is it going well ? thanks.
  6. Hi. Does anyone have an FM radio application ( not through internet) for CM 10/11? I did not find out it by default in any CM roms. I tried FM radio apk from stock rom, but it's not working. Thanks.
  7. Back from service. Everything fine. Cost~ 8 eur.
  8. Yes, but B199 was a zip rom installed through cwm recovery.
  9. Adb and fastboot are not responding, i can not put the phone in fastboot mode to flash recovery and to flash my previoys custom rom based on latest b199. I think i will go with it to the service point. But to stay around 10 days without my phone....OMG
  10. I have doubts that this will work. Are you sure ? Is it a kind of universal firmware? Anyway, in official service they told that they will put the firmware in 7 - 10 days and in unofficial service point they will do it immediatelly. But i do not like the second option, because it involves jtag cable/opperation. The cost is almost nothing for both ways...around 50 ron or 11 eur.
  11. Guys, i do not have access anymore to recovery, so i can not do any install throgh it. The phone is in a boot loop, trying to upload automaticlly update.app. i have only blue and pink screens.fasboot devices is not working also. I had the same state with my previous g510 when i did also a mistske trying to flash badword lewa s*** rom. But with original firmware(b170) it was piece of cake. I know right now that firmware is b193. So , i need a compatible firmware tu put on dload folder in order to bring it to life again. Thanks to all.
  12. update failed on second step, after unpacking, because it s not b193