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  1. Lol,are you using any scripts or anything like that?Can you send me those?I get like a 3000 score
  2. Nothing special,im a huge breaking bad fan,but it is over :'(
  3. So,when will we able to use it?
  4. The title tells everything
  5. We need that o.o
  6. Thanks,this worked :D
  7. When i take a pic,the screen goes green,and the pic stays there,until i restart the camera app,and even after that,no pic were taken
  8. Okay,how can i revert it back to the stock?
  9. Yeah,i have that panel too,i writed it down wrong. The country is Hungary And i will post the build number in minutes,i need to install the stock rom. Got it : ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B12
  10. 1) Software What is your stock firmware version? 4.0.4 Have you received/installed any official updates? Yes When/where did you purchase your device? May 17,this year. At a phone store,called Extreme Digital Is your device SIM locked? Nope. 2) Hardware Panel: zteTRULY_LG(RG1408)_480*800_4.0Inch The TS information stuff Manufacturer : Synaptics chip type : S2202(0x32) sensor partner : Success(0x33) FW Revision 0B update flag : 0x0 The camera name 0V5640-5.0Mp-AF BTW the performance grovenor doesn't help anything,there will be still restarts,but less. Hope this helps.
  11. Okay i got it to work,my modified clockworkmod was doing the s***,but now i get forceclose when im playing games (without warning)
  12. Exactly like that,but i get it constantly
  13. By blue screen i mean a simple blue screen
  14. The rom,it laggs and it doesn't even open some apps.
  15. Okay,restored stock rom and got no blue screens but it's unusable,any idea?

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