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  1. The update removed it. :( All these Hacks are just files. What about: 1. Root like your method. 2. give root Access to a Filemanager. 3. Update 4. Use the rootaccessed Filemanager to copy the hacked files (like SD-Activator, GPU Files...) to the place where they should be. 5. restart (?)
  2. The VNC only work after bootup of the AndroidOS. So if you need to access droidboot/fastboot you will need HDMI
  3. I tried it with the reccovery correction but not with the fastboot correction. Rooting was successful but display was off again. Anyway I tried to deodex, after restart the red triangle appears and after that nothing. No display and no TV picture. After I wakeup from my heartinfact, I tried the droidboot recovery with the 299mb xolo image successful. Now back to the roots ill try it again. Btw:is it possible to integrate / install all these hacks like sd-card activation etc manually with the root method of parthrox?
  4. I had the same problem, and the HDMI-Solution was the only one, which brings my xolo back to life. thanks a lot parthrox But now how i root the phone, get the SD Card working and install all the other stuff. Everytime i tried to follow the instrucktions of the AIO Tool, the phone was going dark again.
  5. Quantumm

    Bricked orange sandiego

    I had the same problem. The only thing which helped me is following: 1. Remove the Simcard 2. connect the phone with hdmi to a TV. 3. Start the phone normal with powerbutton. You will see on TV that the phone is booting normally. The Touchscreen is working, only the Phonedisplay is off. 4.now try unlock the phone which is a little tricky bcs. the TV-Picture is vertical but the Touchscreen is horizontal.ne 5. Run the Mobile-Update. It will offer you the 23MB update. Accept and Install it. The Phone will restart and will work like before. Absolutely unrootet. This is the problem which i try to solve actually. Every time i tried to root it, its only makes the display out of work. So, i hope its working for you. And sry for my bad english.
  6. Quantumm

    Another OSD bricked

    i managed it with an hdmi cable.
  7. Quantumm

    Another OSD bricked

    Tank you, but its not helping. The screen is colourful - sometimes black with activated backlight. Ill tried to get the phone to droidboot (i dont see anything but i hope its on droidboot), started the fixbrick. Fixbrick is sending the files and then the phone reboots - with same problem.
  8. Quantumm

    Another OSD bricked

    Hi there, ill tried to root my phone today, and now on startup, the xolo logo appears only. after that the display shows different colours. Its unuseable now. I didn´t have an hdmi cable, so what can i do to get the phone back to life?