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    HTC One X Review

    Hi Paul, great review. I own a One X now and coming from an Iphone4 I learned a lot of new Android ICS features from your review. I have 1 questions: in your review in the mail appp you write "Thankfully, the stock ICS app can be easily installed without any ROM hacking to allow the best of both worlds. Were can I find/download the stock ICS mail app? From the Play Store maybe? If so, what is its name? Thanks! FredK.
  2. They've replaced the complete inside of the phone, so there is a new IMEI number....
  3. Hi, Had a problem with my T-Mobile SDA in which the microphone was automatically turned of during a call and the phone also automatically started scrolling through the menus. Still within waranty and after talking to T-Mobile sent it in for repair. Guess what...... Phone comes back with: 1. damaged front glass: several little scratches in the glass 2. SIMLOCKED! The SDA was most certainly not damaged or SIMLOCKED when I sent it in for repair! Can they do this? (they already done it.......) Are they allowed to SIMLOCK the device when sending it in for repairs? Or should they return it fixed and in the state it was in before sending it of..... Repairservice completely replaced internals of the phone, which likely caused the SIMLOCK. What are my rights..?? Anyone any experience or advice on this..?? Thanks....
  4. Profit2U

    application lock sda

    And? Has anyone already been able to remove the application lock from the SDA? Will the Orange Application Unlock work on the SDA? Application that won't run is e.g. Mapopolis..... Thnks.