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  1. How to remove CWM Recovery

    Fixed: Letting go at the right moment when plugging it in tricks it and it goes into a null state which can be used by the method.
  2. No actual Root guide?

    Ahhhhh right. Fish and Chips does work, so I guess my phone is rooted :D The Mount feature wasn't well documented in ES File explorer, but oh well- atleast it chops all that unlocking process out. Thanks!
  3. Seeing some of my favourite apps being incompatible for The Cresent, I decided to find out a way around it. The way is to edit the boot.prop through ES File Explorer- however, this requires root access. All the forum posts I've seen seem to point towards 'unlocking' your phone. I followed one of these (Bouncer5's), right to the very end, and it worked. Booted up Fish N' chips, went to ES File Explorer, edited the build.prop, exit- wait, it won't save! I make a copy, edit it, save it, then try and replace the system one. "process denied"! So the device isn't rooted. But the guide said it would..Do I have to go somewhere once the process is done so it will be rooted? Idk- clueless after all the sucess with flashing ROMs.
  4. Sorry to push you for time. I've actually solved this issue by choosing a different TPT-this will also be the solution for the ICS/JB problem. Thanks!
  5. Is this for the Cresent or what? If it isnt it should be in the Blade section
  6. The gapps zips install fine- no errors in CWM. However, when I boot up the ROM (doesn't matter how many times), there will be no Google Apps at all installed. This also happens on the CM7 where you have to install gapps too- And on Fish and Chips 7, it throws me the 'not enough space' error. I've tried Iharrybo's method twice through successfully- each time redownloading the ROMs and gapps+extra features. Maybe its because I, in addition to the normal ROM installation, Fix battery stats and Permissions before flashing? Maybe I need an even bigger TPT than 230MB shown in TPT Helper (I always use option 1)? Idk.. I'm clueless. I know I once tried a 5.1 version of Fish and Chips that seemed to work solidly..Maybe I should just go back to that.
  7. Please? Anybody? dodgetimmy, actually respond to a thread MORE THAN ONCE because in not doing so your not even helping me at all. Really want my phone back!
  8. I reinstalled the ROM again- however, this time it did not boot (froze on "ZTE Cresent" screen). A second install somehow managed to fix this- but still no apps working! I have CM7 also stored on my SD, so I tried that out too. However, when installing that, I get "Status/error (can't remember which) 0- Installation aborted". Something is obviously wrong with my phone here. If I was to go through iharrybo's Recovery method, would I have to delete my CWM folder on my SD and the System Partition zip? Also, the ROM you linked me to previously is just an image.bin- when I downloaded the stock Vivacity ROM, it was totally different. The Stock ROM sticky links are all dead, so where can I find one? Please reply!
  9. I used the 'TFT Helper' app on the Stock ROM and picked the first choice- 'SF2-v1a.zip' I think, which is around 220MB free and 50MB system. I have only installed the ROM and no other scripts, and have tested even the smallest size apps (Mr Pigfish) to bigger ones such as Angry birds Star Wars. I haven't tried redownloading the ROM, but I will do tommorrow and post back results. I do everything you say in this order: Wide Data, Wipe cache, Wipe dalvik cache, Fix battery stats, Fix permissions, reboot. Are you asking me to wipe the SD card aswell ('..and sd ext?')? And wouldn't this erase my partition and Clockwork Recovery mod?
  10. After flashing the correct Overclock Kernel, I went straight to install Fish n chips 6- making SURE it was OSFII. The ROM installed, and everything worked nicely. However, when I go to install any app, from the market or not, it goes straight to 'insufficent storage'. However, I have 224MB free due to my partition I used! (The rest of the phone's apps work too). In addition, the system doesn't give me the 'low storage' message that usually appears when you have little to no space free on your phone. Do you think the Kernel somehow 'corrupted' the partition? One suggestion is that the apps are trying to install to the reserved system space- an explanation on how it gives me the message straight away. Would a re-install work? I kindof want to stick to this ROM as it doesn't take up partiton space like CM7- please help!
  11. I installed this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/354690-romgingerbread-235-with-ics-ui/ I was abit tired when downloading it and didn't realise what 'TMV' stood for. But when it was installing.. :angry2: I had the Fish N chips.zip in one of my folders, but when I install it through CWM, I reboot the phone and the Android logo stays on the screen, not booting up the usual fish with dots around it. Overclocking kernel? Does that auto-overclock the phone, or does it come with an overclock app installed?
  12. Hi, I was so bloody stupid as to install a Vivacity rom on my OSF2 (you can't stop installs on Clockworkmod once they're running) and now it and my other ROMs i've saved (Fish N chips) won't work. :( Is there any way to save my phone? Using a kernel (need explaining to me)? Stock ROM? Please respond, I really want my phone back!
  13. Gapps don't install but ROM works perfectly...help, I'm pulling my hair out over this!!
  14. I've tried all the ICS/JB Roms on this forum, but none of the gapps installers seem to work apart from Slimbean- which doesn't feature multitouch, and therefore being slightly inadequate. I have partitioned enough space (220MB) as all of the ROMs work very nicely and fast, but I am completely baffled to why they don't install. The Google Play APKs off the internet don't work either- 'no connection' always pops up. Can somebody please give me an answer to why this is happening?