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  1. rontol

    Tips for battery life

    I got few questions guys ;) should we off below settings to save battery? Keep wifi always on during sleep - off? Enable always-on mobile mobile data - off? auto-sync - off? thanks
  2. ok solved my exchange issue, seems need to enable 'Main Sync' to on during first install/initialization :P call + vibrate option fixed? i did test just now... seems not
  3. Guys i'm on Beta6.1 now got 1 issue...my Exchange stuck at 'Waiting to sync'... i used same method to install Exchange service... via 'email.apk' and 'exhcange2.apk' any idea what to check? :(
  4. Guys, Few things i notice in bo3... just want to compare whether it's fixed in bo4 1) Google white search bar is non-useable? I try to press it.... nothing comes out.. or it just a no function white line in home screen? :wacko: 2) Insert Headset notification doesn't appear... 3) Unread Gmail notification doesn't appear... tried to look gmail settings around... couldn't find 4) Call ringtone + vibrate = vibrate not functioning... Hope anybody can give feedback... thanks! ;)
  5. Ok, i got my Exchange working... just install stock exchange2.apk and email.apk from 'Removed.zip' in the FAQ :D Based on my few days usage on BO3 it seems that the battery usage is higher than stock, is this normal? or do i need to reflash again? thanks
  6. Guys, i got the ram settings already... it's inside the fusion x ... :P Also how do i add an OWA/Exchange account? Hmm couldn't find the usual outlook wizard.... does it get stripped? Thanks again!
  7. Guys... so far so good... can't wait for the next version :D How to check RAM usage? I try the stock ROM method... can't see it... Thanks!