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  1. Thanks, sorry, I'm stupid, that was the problem, i.e. solved Btw. I also miss really superb functionality - by an incoming call tilting phone upside down causes turning off ringing (in 10.1 20131018 NIGHTLY ROM it worked)
  2. I flashed 20131106 NIGHTLY and I'm not able to add flashlight tile in settings -> interface -> quick settings panel -> tiles and layout (this tile isn't offered). Ando also I can't assign flashlight to longpress of home button. It was functional in my previous ROM (10.1 20131018 NIGHTLY). So is it feature or bug of CM 10.2? OTA updates aren't functional too ("No new updates found"). Is it just my problem? P.S.: I flashed ZIPs (new ROM and new GAPPS) in CWM and wipe all things (Dalvik cache, data/factory reset, cache partition)
  3. Hello, I have 2 issues with my bluetooth car hansfree Nokia CK-15W: 1. When I connect my phone, on the Nokia display there is no information about signal strenght, battery level and name of mobile operator (in CM9 it worked) 2. Sometimes my phone does not connect on the first attempt, after unsuccesfully connection I try to connect it manually (on the handsfree) again and then it connects I have installed 10.1-20130806-NIGHTLY-u8815. If anybody uses this phone with CK-15W, please, answer if it behaves in the same way. Thanks
  4. the problem persists, maybe this was random occurence (when internal SD mounts) :-(:-(:-(
  5. jwkk: OK, I see content in /data/sdext2 but that is not final solution for me. For example Apollo does not see this directory (I have there MP3´s and Apollo scans only sd cards). edit: I had bought new microSD card (bigger, because I need it --> ADATA SD micro Premier 32GB SDHC Class 10) and formatted it on PC/Win7 (full format, FAT32, allocation unit 8192) and my problem disappeared. Note: my previous (problematic) microSD was SanDisk SD micro 16GB SDHC Ultra (because it took lot of time, I didn´t try format this card yet)
  6. Please help me, I'm running patience. As I wrote few days ago, I´ve problem with internal sd (/storage/sdcard0). After reboot it isn´t accessible. I have to connect phone by USB to PC and turn on USB mass storage (in the PC is accessible only external SD - /storage/sdcard1) and disconnect phone. After that are in the phone accessible both sd cards. Also if I connect subsequently phone to the PC, they are both accessible in the PC. Until the next reboot.... But I dont take everywhere my PC to enable access to internal sd card. It happens on every build CM 10.1 (actually I have 10.1-20130714-NIGHTLY-u8815). CM 10 and CM 9 are OK. Pleeeeease help us (me and jugoslav)
  7. jugoslav: I've same problem every time when I upgrade CM ROM. But you can just connect phone to the PC and turn on USB mass storage (wait to appear new 2 discs on PC), thereafter disconnect USB. You have to do this procedure twice. After that internal SD reappears.
  8. I have installed last version - "cm-10-20130524-NIGHTLY-u8815" and item "Data usage" (first section under Settings) disappeared . Where it is? Became it to someone else too?