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  1. Yes, it worked! Thank you very much ^_^.
  2. Nope, nothing from there. I have another problem. Saturday i flashed from that link some .zip files with launchers and a .zip file called Normal multitasking and i forgot to backup. After i rebooted the status bar disappeared. I did a factory reset, flashed this ROM again and the status bar reappeared, but the internet from my SIM card doesn't work. I did the setting from my provider and still doesn't work. What can I do?
  3. Any idea how can i get the stock launcher of Huawei Ascend G300? It's called 2D Home.
  4. Can someone post the file manager and huawei tunes?
  5. Huge problem. I installed this ROM and i can't use the phone. It doesn't detect any networks. Please help. Edit: I did this for GB and it works now. http://www.modaco.com/topic/361310-downgrade-upgrade-from-recovery/
  6. aztekman

    Help a noob ^_^

    I did it. I unlocked the bootloader and installed AtomicMod by Tillaz. Thank you !
  7. Alright, i backed up and restored. Now i have to flash TWRP. Download it, put it on sdcard and flash it?
  8. OK got it. where should i backup? External or internal sdcard?
  9. I went to "backup and restore" menu, and then tried the two "Advanced restore" options(external and internal sdcard), but i didnt backed up anything before. I have to make a backup to external or internal sdcard?
  10. I'm at Installing The Custom Recovery. I did that, held button volume up and power button, went to backup and restore. Now what do I do? I have two "Advanced restore", external and internal sdcard. I selected each of them and says "Couldn't open directory. No files found."
  11. I got the unlock code via email. It has one letter C, two letters E, and the rest of it are numbers. Is it good?
  12. Understood. I'l come here for help if i need it, if not, i'l come with feedback after i succeed. Thank you ^_^
  13. aztekman

    Help a noob ^_^

    I backed up my IMEI. Now i'l just wait for the code from Huawei. Thank you for the help :wub: