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  1. Is it possible to smoothen the sliding of the toolbox?It just seems not as smooth as the one of is a good work.
  2. Is it possible to smoothen the sliding of the toolbox?It just seems not as smooth as the one of is a good work.
  3. which size should i choose for swap,128m or 256m?or another
  4. is it necessary to install gapps?i can 't use tile toggles if i don't install gapps and some other aokp function become invalid ,too. accidentally,th IO schedualer doesn't work.
  5. can you make the volume up button able to make the phone enter the module of deep sleep?i've changed the volumeup botton into power botton but it 's not able to make the phone deep sleep .only to lock the screen.
  6. good rom any way to make the notification's sliding as smooth as cm9/10?thanks
  7. Thank you very much. but I still have a problem .My phone was able to enter into deep sleep by pressing the power button ,while it was always out of deep sleep by using other approaches such as the Volume Up botton(I changed the keylayout to change it into power botton,but it was only able to lock screen and open the power menu.My phone won't enter into deep sleep if i use it to lock screen
  8. the rom is awesome.but my phone can't enter into the deep sleep when use software or other bottons(not power button, ) to lock the screen. please help me. thank you. sorry for my bad English
  9. i have used yout rom for several's really smooth and good.but i find some bugs. 1.the notification bar somehow was forced to shut down several times a day. 2.i can make my phone sleep by pressing the softpress of sleeping on the power botton is nearly broken.if i use the softpress to switch off the screen , my battery will be empty after a night. 3.this is an advice.i suggest that u make the holo be able to freely move to anywhere on the screen.that's better than now. above all,it's a good rom. sorry for my bad English
  10. [ROM][JB][4.2.2]Slim Bean build 5.5

    each time i lock screen when i was running software .it will hot boot
  11. ould you tell me some ways to make the desktop not to be forced to closed when i run some big software.thank you

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