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  1. lm8047 added a post in a topic restore serial number   

    I cant restore my original stock from CWM(by different methods). Any other stocks dont have effect.
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  2. lm8047 added a post in a topic restore serial number   

    OK.Thanks for answer.

    Is there some methods or maybe programs whitch help me do it like original on the box?

    I need restore it besause my garantee is cracked with wrong S\N and also i can`t get official unlock bootloader code from HUAWEI(i waiting for 3 weeks after sending to HUAWEI my numbers:IMEI, S\N, PRODUCT ID; for my mail request they sent me again to electronic form)
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  3. lm8047 added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 - G300.MoDaCo.com   

    restore serial number
    people, please, i need your help.
    i had flashing my phone by others firmwares(CM10.1dazzoo, b952...) then went to my oem firmware(B940-by belarussian mobile operator VELCOM)
    and my serial number had change.
    How can i restore my S/N and do it like under battery or box?
    Sorry for my english))
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