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  1. channeler added a post in a topic [How To]Save your dead vivacity!!   

    Thanks. The other problem I am finding is that when I click on ok after entering "ZTEsmt123" I get a message saying D:\Desktop\stock_vivacity_P736EV1.0.0B13 does not exist. I extracted the zip file to a folder on my desktop which I named "stock_vivacity_P736EV1.0.0B13" but the tool seems to go looking for D:\Desktop. I'm not sure what is necessary.


    PS: I changed to my laptop which has a D Drive and went through the procedure. It seemed to work as I got a "passed" message at the end. Phone is now alive again. Many thanks to iharrybao and tygertyger. Now just have to reinstall everything. I had a lot of apps installed on sd card. Is it ok to just reinstall over what is there?

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  2. channeler added a post in a topic [How To]Save your dead vivacity!!   

    Hi, My vivacity suddenly had problems with booting up and just sticks at the T-Mobile Logo so I wanted to try your procedure to see if I can get the phone going again. In your instructions you said that your COM is COM 11but in the example you give it says:

    "ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface COM 13"

    So in the example would it be COM 13 to use or am I missing something? Sorry, I am an amateur at all this.

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