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  1. This is the link where i bought my second case this is ultra thin
  2. I forgot to say that has a hole for the charger plug and the earphones at the same place as verne
  3. The case that i bought doesn't have a hole in the vol and the power button, so i crop it.. The holes in other case i think are a little up related to verne v5 but you can fix it
  4. The silicon case from i9080/i9082 fits very good at verne v5 and on ebay it cost 0.99£!!!. The camera hole is a little down but its possible to take a picture, it doesn't affect the photo.
  5. i don't know what it happens...
  6. "Hi there" i received by phone about a month complains...but i have a serious problem. Sometimes when the screen goes off....when i press the power button...the screen remains black and the down row keys turn on but the screen remains i have to force the restart of the phone. Is this a bug? Somebody has this problem ? Its very anoying because it happens at least 2 times a day and i dont know why.... :-(
  8. The newman K1 silicone case fits on vowney but the holes are a little differents.. You can see it on ebay it cost around of 3€
  9. The Newman K1 case fits very good on verne v5, the only thing that you need to cut is down for the charge plug. Vol and power holes are a little up than the v5 but it not a big problem... Some pics: - Front - Back - Power Plug - Earphones
  10. Yeah, you're right, i bought one by ebay.. thanks for the help
  11. I found that samsung galaxy grand has the same holes and the same size as verne v5. But i don' t try it. What do you think about?
  12. Is anybody know if exist a silicon case or hard case for vowney v5?... Or a case from another phone that could be used on V5?
  13. That i know we are able to track the order a few days after we receive the tracking number. Keep waiting some days.
  14. Great!. What is the best things about the Verne V5?
  15. Hello, I want to know if this mobile phone has a LED for notifications or needs an app to do it? What do you think about the camera? What about the velocity of the processor?

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