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  1. Vowney / Verne V5

    http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=231037230582 This is the link where i bought my second case this is ultra thin
  2. Vowney / Verne V5

    I forgot to say that has a hole for the charger plug and the earphones at the same place as verne
  3. Vowney / Verne V5

    The case that i bought doesn't have a hole in the vol and the power button, so i crop it.. The holes in other case i think are a little up related to verne v5 but you can fix it
  4. Vowney / Verne V5

    The silicon case from i9080/i9082 fits very good at verne v5 and on ebay it cost 0.99£!!!. The camera hole is a little down but its possible to take a picture, it doesn't affect the photo.
  5. Vowney / Verne V5

    i don't know what it happens...
  6. Vowney / Verne V5

    "Hi there" i received by phone about a month ago...no complains...but i have a serious problem. Sometimes when the screen goes off....when i press the power button...the screen remains black and the down row keys turn on but the screen remains black...so i have to force the restart of the phone. Is this a bug? Somebody has this problem ? Its very anoying because it happens at least 2 times a day and i dont know why.... :-(
  7. Vowney / Verne V5

  8. Vowney / Verne V5

    The newman K1 silicone case fits on vowney but the holes are a little differents.. You can see it on ebay it cost around of 3€
  9. Vowney / Verne V5

    The Newman K1 case fits very good on verne v5, the only thing that you need to cut is down for the charge plug. Vol and power holes are a little up than the v5 but it not a big problem... Some pics: - Front https://www.dropbox.com/s/qj2tejq5n2wfklf/DSCF1958.jpg - Back https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5f664ouarr9vtj/DSCF1959.jpg?m - Power Plug https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx5ydvp3t577r8q/DSCF1961.jpg?m - Earphones https://www.dropbox.com/s/aopde6tvtcxvly3/DSCF1966.jpg
  10. Vowney / Verne V5

    Yeah, you're right, i bought one by ebay.. thanks for the help
  11. Vowney / Verne V5

    I found that samsung galaxy grand has the same holes and the same size as verne v5. But i don' t try it. What do you think about?
  12. Vowney / Verne V5

    Is anybody know if exist a silicon case or hard case for vowney v5?... Or a case from another phone that could be used on V5?
  13. Vowney / Verne V5

    That i know we are able to track the order a few days after we receive the tracking number. Keep waiting some days.
  14. Vowney / Verne V5

    Great!. What is the best things about the Verne V5?
  15. Vowney / Verne V5

    Hello, I want to know if this mobile phone has a LED for notifications or needs an app to do it? What do you think about the camera? What about the velocity of the processor?