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  1. razjaren

    [Recovery] ClockWorkMod for ZTE Blade III

    can you increase the font on recovery-cwm6044, thanks
  2. razjaren

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Last night I installed this rom (do not use into the blade 3 more for everyday use .. now using xperia t.., but I like to try your rom), runs smoothly, camera, calls, FM radio, Viber, doing great ... I do not play games so I can not comment thanks for the rom KonstaT
  3. razjaren

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    I'm glad you're back with us KonstaT great job this rom, today I installed and everything is working properly camera, Viber, tones and is very fast and has plenty of free memory, Great thanks
  4. I tried the rom, works quickly and smoothly ... Viber works also I noticed (probably not to the rom, but to my phone) that does not work personalizing tones for contacts (the same problem I had with the original rom 4.0,4 and the Aurora Borealis) thanks
  5. razjaren

    [ROM][TW5]JB 4.1.2][18.10]

    Last night I installed this rom, nice and fast work the installation KonstaT fix (CM10) for Viber .... and Viber works When restarting a cell phone, it should wait for a few minutes before it starts to use and it works without problems then (like miu need more time to all loaded after repeated strata very nice work Peetu20
  6. thanks for the rom Viber works
  7. thanks for the rom .. Today I will try it
  8. Hello forum members blade 3 .... I use this rom more than a month as a resident, and I recommend it to everyone. runs smoothly and without problems, Viber works great, great job KonstaT, thank you I tried it on one day and cm10.2 also runs smoothly and has a lot of nice new features, I can not use it for every day since Viber does not work ... otherwise how I saw everything else works great, it seems to me that is faster than 10.1
  9. you need to uncheck and then again ticked on (Try settinges / developer options / Root acess set that to apps and ADB), then uninstall the program that you created the problem (Titanium Backup or already program comes at you) then reinstall it and that's it It should solve the problem
  10. all work smoothly, stable and fast. Viber works without problems thanks for the rom
  11. that the [4.3] Pac-Man ROM V4.3.1.RC - 08/13/21 works periodically (happens to 5 calls a good, 2-3 calls not heard one side of the sound ... CARBON ROM [14:08] [Android 4 , 3] works but the sound is very bad noises, etc ... CM10 for me never worked Viber (and 10 times I've tried a clean install), 10.1 with the fix you've made the perfect (everything is working properly clean tone). I I stick to your instructions when installing. every rom I have installed at least 10 times (I have the time I broke my leg in a cast, is so fun and I learned a lot on this forum and from you :) . Any report that I have written, has been checked several times (ful installation) I'm a novice at this and do not know to send a different report (I'll learn), and I hope that my report does not confuse you :D
  12. hm ... maybe I'm wrong somewhere but .... this fix that you installed the rom 10.2 to Viber does not work (the other party hear but I do not hear anything) must be something to the speakers .. I do not know. thanks for the rom
  13. works Viber .. You are a very capable man .. thank you very much
  14. Thanks Thanks eh that I solved it with a new launcher, my post before, there was no question of help, but reports on rom and possible bug. I wrote wrong, sorry ... my sins :wub:
  15. Issue with folders on the home screen. I create folders and then they disappear leaving only one apps icon