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  1. I use the Kindle app on my Defy for times when I don't have my Kindle with me - for example, stuck in traffic or waiting for a takeaway etc :lol:
  2. HTC Hero Kernel released

    I hadn't noticed this until emilk's thread, so thanks. :)
  3. Moto Phone Portal

    oh well, I'll give it a go later when I'm at home.
  4. Moto Phone Portal

    When I start this fella, I only have the option of connecting via wifi - which while I'm at work... doesn't work as I don't have a wifi connection I can use. Is anyone seeing the USB option, and if so how?
  5. I think the blank screen is correct - it means nothing has requested super user access. If you plug your phone in to your PC and open a command prompt (cmd), then from the androidsdk/tools folder type adb shell you'll get a $ sign - then type su and you'll get a line in green on the superuser screen - tap it and give yourself access.
  6. Please Helppppppppp

    You need to application unlock the phone before you can install anything. Take a look here: application unlocking
  7. Forwarding

    I believe most men will have experienced this on at least one occasion (although I imagine with other people, not your girlfriend).
  8. T-Mobile upgrade- which phone?

    end of THIS month? If that's the case then they should be able to offer something now. If next month, then they won't accept the 30 days notice until the 28th of January anyway. I guess it's always worth a try, but just don't expect anything favourable - T-Mobile aren't offering much in the way of good deals at the moment.
  9. T-Mobile upgrade- which phone?

    they won't. They don't much care about keeping the people who are at the end of their contract, they're not going to offer you a good deal now when you're still in contract. Not unless you're really special.
  10. Which Smartphone for me!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously though - no. I had one of these and hated it. It was slow and unresponsive. It looked nice though. I was considering the Touch 3G though, which is the Touch's successor. It's specs suggested it would be an alright phone.
  11. GPS Issues?

    I've just had my first go with CoPilot on this phone - not one problem. It picked up the satellites within a few seconds and held them for the entire journey - 1 hour from home to work. I don't have Google Maps installed, as I've never liked it on my Sony C702
  12. Next phone

    Thanks for all your replies. I finally made my decision on Friday. My local Orange store offered me the S740 free on their £35 a month tariff - 600 minutes and unlimited texts. They also gave me £100 trade in on my old Qtek 8500/Smartflip :) which I exchanged for the new 500Mb monthly data bundle. I tried to get CPW to match that on the Samsung i8510, but they were useless. I've not used the S740 much yet as I'm waiting for a number port, but I've been really impressed so far with the time I have spent with it.
  13. Application Lock

    said I was stupid... now unlocked.
  14. Application Lock

    Hi, it's been a while since I had a smartphone, and I've just got one of these fellas locked to Orange. I can't work out how to application unlock it so I can install cab files. Annoying as I wanted to test out my CoPilot later. Can anyone help please? Thanks, Simon

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