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  1. tablet recommendations

    thanks - that does look like it could be just what I'm looking for :)
  2. tablet recommendations

    Hi all, it's been many a long while since I last posted here, and to be honest I'm a little out of touch. I'm looking for a tablet for my daughter's 8th birthday. I want something that works, but don't have a lot to spend. There seem to be lots around, but I'm struggling to weed out the rubbish ones. So, can anyone recommend anything please?
  3. First impressions of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC

    That's not exactly what I meant. Tasker on Android lets me automatically switch sound off when I get to work and switching WiFi on when I'm at home. NFC tags'll do the same, but I have to physically touch my phone against them for that. Also, are there any 3rd party turn-by-turn GPS solutions out there, like CoPilot etc? How about cloud based music? I currently have all my music stored on Google Music - does anyone know if this would work via a web browser on Windows phone 8?
  4. First impressions of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC

    is there a Tasker equivalent for Windows Phone? I'm seriously considering this is my upgrade option next month, but rely on Tasker for auto profile switching.
  5. We have 5 copies of CoPilot to give away!

    Hi, I'm Simon. I've been a member here for plenty of years, and have used olden day Windows phones and Android amongst others. I'd say one of my most memorable drives would be a few years back driving from just south of Bristol, to Inverness. I chose to drive overnight so my kids could sleep in the car, but we got caught in a blizzard on the main road just south of Inverness - It was pitch black apart from the bright white snow covered road. I didn't know where the edge of the road was, or what the edge of the road would bring if I ventured too far over. I drove slowly, being overtaken by several lorries but made it by morning.
  6. Mastering Tasker - 1: Getting Started

    I've been a Tasker user for a couple of years now, and it took a while to understand how to use it just from looking at the Tasker user guides online. This guide looks as though it has potential to offer easy to understand steps to create good profiles. I find Tasker invaluable, and use it daily for things such as Silent mode at work, WiFi on at home and also wallpaper changing from the latest APOD image. Looking forward to the rest of this guide.
  7. 10 things I love having installed on my Galaxy Tab

    I use the Kindle app on my Defy for times when I don't have my Kindle with me - for example, stuck in traffic or waiting for a takeaway etc :lol:
  8. HTC Hero Kernel released

    I hadn't noticed this until emilk's thread, so thanks. :)
  9. Display does not turn off while talking on phone

    or the menu button?
  10. Moto Phone Portal

    oh well, I'll give it a go later when I'm at home.
  11. Moto Phone Portal

    When I start this fella, I only have the option of connecting via wifi - which while I'm at work... doesn't work as I don't have a wifi connection I can use. Is anyone seeing the USB option, and if so how?
  12. Can't get "Superuser permissions" to work [SOLVED]

    I think the blank screen is correct - it means nothing has requested super user access. If you plug your phone in to your PC and open a command prompt (cmd), then from the androidsdk/tools folder type adb shell you'll get a $ sign - then type su and you'll get a line in green on the superuser screen - tap it and give yourself access.
  13. Please Helppppppppp

    You need to application unlock the phone before you can install anything. Take a look here: application unlocking
  14. Forwarding

    I believe most men will have experienced this on at least one occasion (although I imagine with other people, not your girlfriend).
  15. T-Mobile upgrade- which phone?

    end of THIS month? If that's the case then they should be able to offer something now. If next month, then they won't accept the 30 days notice until the 28th of January anyway. I guess it's always worth a try, but just don't expect anything favourable - T-Mobile aren't offering much in the way of good deals at the moment.