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  1. Hello! Update: After for some struggle (understanding that "run adb-insecure" actually meant "run it on the phone AND grant it SU rights AND check the 2 boxes in ADB) and after 2 ou 3 reconnections of the phone to the computer, I am happy to announce that: - <option 35> : done! - <option 38> : done! - <option Orange logo> : done! The only thing I noticed is that it now has 2 camera applications: 1 new and the XOLO camera one, with its counterpart for the videos. Weird :) Anyway, I left them both on the phone, why not? I'd really like to thank rickywyatt & others for building such a convenient set of tools, and BlueMoonRising for helping me so much! Have a nice day everyone!
  2. Fantastic! Thanks a million for the link in MP, for taking the time to help me, and also thanks to rickywyatt for this tool! The phone is now rooted, I'll proceed with option 35 then 38, not forgetting to kill adb between each! I'm really happy it worked fine :) Thanks. I'll let you know the final steps :)
  3. Hello, I think I'll pass the SD slot for now, it would mean opening the back of the phone and stuff, I'm not in the mood for this right now. But thanks for the valuable tips. :-) Ok. So here is my situation: - Installed the Intel Android USB drivers from https://secure-software.intel.com/en-us/system/files/article/458818/intelandroiddrvsetup1.1.5.zip The installation was successful I think, as "Intel Android Device USB driver" version 1.1.5 is showing in my list of installed programs. I am on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. - Unzipped tools.zips in a C:\SanDiego\tools folder - Copied SanDiego.bat, setup32.bat and setup64.bat in C:\SanDiego - Copied update.zip in C:\SanDiego\tools\bricked and C:\SanDiego\tools\xolo. This update.zip is also in the root of the SDcard of the phone. - I plugged the phone in the USB of the computer: On phone: it's showing "USB debugging enable" and "Connected as a multimedia device (MTP)" in the notification On computer: The phone shows as "Xolo_X900" in Removable devices on the computer, I can access the Mass storage from the computer. You say you've checked and that adb.exe is hidden in C:\SanDiego\tools? I've rechecked on my machine (settings are that all files are shown) and I don't see any adb.exe in the folder. I do have a previous installation of adb which I used previously for (I don't remember what), it's in C:\AndroidSDK\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\sdk\platform-tools Attached is a picture of a search for "adb" on my computer. As I said, running SanDiego.bat brings a window on top of which is mentionned to "run adb-insecure..." and I'm completely confused about what I should do now :) (Again, sorry for the noobness!)
  4. Hello again, Well, I'm having a small problem. I ran SanDiego.bat, the script command showing all the options came up, and I choose <7> to root. But it says: Please make your decision:7 'C:\SanDiego\tools\adb.exe' n'est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes. three times, so, basically, it cannot find the path to adb.exe... which indeed is NOT in C:\SanDiego\tools. There is no .exe file at all in the "tools" folder. Also, I don't know if this is a problem: I see the "USB debugging enabled" notice in the notifications, and also "Connected as Mass Storage". Is it normal to have both? Sorry for the silly questions :) Edit: Another thing I don't understand: On top of the window which appears when I run SanDiego.bat, I see: "please run adb-insecure and click the box then remove USB and reconnect then click to continue once done". How should I run adb-insecure? Where? On the computer? I have adbd-insecure.v1.1.apk in the "tools" folder, that's all I can see.
  5. Hello and thank you again for the precious advice and help regarding launchers! I promise, I'm not the one clicking constantly on the link... I only click every 2 or 3 hours! Probably some other OSD fan! As an alternative, I can suggest, although it's all in French and the help wiki is offline: http://dl.free.fr/ You can upload files up to 10Go, either by a web interface or FTP, the files are kept online 30 days after their last downlad, and there is no bandwidth limit specified. So maybe as an alternative, this could help you store big files!
  6. Hello, I've looked to alternative launchers, but to be honest, I hate the whole 3D, animated and graphics-heavy ones, it's a waste as far as I am concerned. Also, the phone will go to my parents very soon, and they never had an Android phone so far, so I'd like the simpliest thing for them! I'm still looking for the "perfect" launcher for them! In other news, the Dropbox link is still in error. Is there a way to know approximately when the account will be back online? The blocking lasts 72 hours apparently, so how many hours has it been blocked for already? Note that I'm not pushing, simply asking! You helped me a lot and I'm very grateful for that :) Have a nice day, San Diego owners! Edit: With the XOLO ICS, I can't, for the life of me, find the Gallery. It's nowhere to be seen! No "Photos" or "Pictures" or "Gallery" or any French translation for that! Where did it go? Edit 2: "Social Gallery", oh my god! ;-)
  7. Hello again, Yup, that's what I meant... fast reply to my messages meant approximately same time zone! :-) Well, I can confirm that the upgrade from the french Orange 2.3.7 to the XOLO ICS went like a charm, in about 4 minutes! The phone now is: Xolo_X900 Android version: 4.0.4 Version IFWI: 06.A5 (no idea what that is...yet) Baseband version: SUNRISE_SMB_REV30_V2_R3_1233.B Kernel version: 3.0.8-138161-g8399bf7 Build number: V2.190 So thanks a lot for your kind help, really! Now all I need is the AIO tool... whenever Dropbox decides! :-) I noticed no problem so far, but haven't played with the phone much yet. It's still fast and smooth, great!
  8. Thank you again for pointing out the right order of things: 1) update to the XOLO ICS 2) THEN root. I'm also glad you seem in the same part of the world than mine! Seeing that there is no way to know when Dropbox will decide to "free" your links again, I've found this page: http://techsplurge.com/12678/intel-xolo-x900-ics-update-android-4/ which has a link to an "update.zip" file (Download: ICS 4.0.4 Update for Xolo X900 [299 MB]) Is this the correct update.zip file for "Orange San Diego users" and the same as the one you uploaded to Dropbox ? As for the question whether being on a French version makes a difference, I'll let you know as soon as you confirm the file I found is the right one :-) Thank you again, really!
  9. Hello BlueMoonRising, Thanks a lot for your kind and informative (and compact!) answer. I did gather from the numerous threads that it's relatively easy to go from the XOLO ICS to the Orange (UK) ICS, not sure why though: people mentioned problems of 3G/wireless, overheating, lower sound volume... with the XOLO update? What were the drawbacks for the Orange UK ICS, I wonder. Anyway I'm going to download the AIO tool and root the phone, then install the XOLO update. Does doing this cause any problem regarding the SIM-free status of the phone (the phone was unSIMlocked thanks to a code given to me by Orange)? I seem to have read some threads about that. Thank you again really, I'll let you know about my progress! P.S.: Yeah, I mixed up microSIM/microSD :P Sh*t happens! :rolleyes: Edit: I can confirm that the Dropbox links are in error right now. Never knew this phone was so popular (I like it a lot myself, it's very fast with Gingerbread. Hope it will be even better with the XOLO ICS upgrade) :)
  10. Hello, I have a Orange Intel Inside aka Orange San Diego from the French provider Orange. Currently, it's running the original stock firmware: Android version: 2.3.7 Version IFWI: 05.52 BaseBand version: SUNRISE_SMB_REV30_V2_B1202_1208.K Kernel version; [email protected] #1 Build number: AZ210B_GB.01.04 The phone is unlocked but not rooted. There is an OTA update available, which I haven't done yet, of 261 MB. I don't know what it does exactly (ICS maybe?) Here is my question: I'd like to upgrade the firmware to some version (unknown yet, this is the purpose of my question) which would allow me to: 1) root the phone, so I can install the Xposed framework which I use on another phone 2) enable the USB OTG 3) maybe (not mandatory) enable the internal micro-SIM slot for further use. As I'm going to give this phone to my parents, who know nothing about Android, the upgrade has to be safe (i.e. when a new upgrade will be available via OTA, it must not brick the phone or do anything bad) From reading the forum, I understand that people installed via USB the X900 (ICS?) update, which allowed rooting but with which some problems occured (wifi, 3G...), then people went back to "Orange ICS" but I'm not sure why and whether it could be rooted for Xposed. So... as you can see, I'm a bit confused, and I'd like some knowledgable persons to help me in choosing the good decision/firmware, and direct me to the relevant URLs for tutorials. Hope this is not asking too much! Regards.
  11. I know about Opera Mini... I forgot to say that I installed Opera Mobile (12.1.4 / Opera Mobile version 12.10.1DR-1301181366) and also Opera Classic (12.1.4 / Opera Mobile version 12.10.ADR-1305251854) . Both of them do support Flash and installed fine on the OSD... they just don't find the "hidden somewhere" current (and old-ish) Flashplayer plugin. :-)
  12. That's why I didn't do the upgrade proposed to me via "Mobile Update" OTA... I was not sure that after that upgrade, I could still root the phone. It's kind of a headacky thing to try and root this phone, I shall ask here on MoDaCo later for that ;-) Right now, I'd just like to have my Opera WITH Flash working, if anybody can help!
  13. I'm still on Gingerbread because when I got the phone, I came on this forum and read about it... and I seem to recall that it was possible to root it ONLY with Gingerbread. I intend to root it later, so I kept Gingerbread. Also, installing ICS means losing Flashplayer I think? Or is it with JellyBean? Anyway, later I would like to root the phone (and maybe install a custom ROM), and I seem to remember that it is only possible with Gingerbread... but things may have changed since then, I would have to re-read everything on Modaco :-) Thanks! I still hope someone will help with my question :-) Regards
  14. Hello, I own an Orange Intel Inside aka Orange San Diego currently simlocked on the Orange french network. It is not rooted either. It is still running on 2.3.7 : version IFWI : 05.32 baseband : SUNRISE_SMB_REV30_V2_B1202_1208.K kernel : [email protected] #1 This device has a built-in Orange browser "Navigateur" version 2.3.7 on which Flashplayer is installed, and the Flash version is which is pretty old, even for Gingerbread. This browser is not really convenient for my usage, so I installed my browser of choice, namely Opera, and now I'd like to have Flash running in Opera. Right now, Opera doesn't find the Flashplayer plugin (when I visit a page with Flash, I see the "download Flashplayer" logo). I am unable to locate the Flashplayer plugin with the tools I'm using (Total Commander). I guess it's hidden somewhere in /data/... but as the device is not rooted, I can't see it (maybe). Ok, so here are my two questions. 1) Is it possible to install ANOTHER Flashplayer version on the device, while keeping the current one in order to keep the built-in browser "as is". In that case, I could indicate in the Opera:config the path of the new Flashplayer plugin. The question would be: where to put the plugin so it doesn't replace the current one. 2) If it is not possible to have 2 different versions of Flash (one for the built-in browser, one for Opera), which path should I specify in the Opera:config for the current flashplayer plugin? After intensive searching on the Internet, I tried /data/data/lib/com.adobe.flashplayer , system/data/lib/... but nothing worked and Opera still didn't recognize that Flash was installed. I would be grateful for any help! The San Diego is after all a "nice" device which feels good in hands. :-) Have a nice day!