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  1. Ordered my G300 unlock yesterday afternoon, recvd mid day today. Worked perfectly, great service and cheap! :)
  2. Mine isnt unlocked im afraid. I boot phone and it says "sim network unlock pin"... unlock or dismiss. in lock screen it says "phone is sim network locked" I like the version im on but want to get rid of all the bloatware and possibly speed up the phone a bit.
  3. Hi all, Im picking up my new G300 tomorrow (£60 from Argos, bargain!) but its locked to Vodafone so will be buying the £4 unlock codes from main unlock thread in this forum. I want to install Slim ICS v13 but before I do that should I wait for the unlock to be done first or does it not matter? Trying not to brick the phone in the first 5 mins if i can help it :D Thanks in adavnce
  4. Best ROM?

    Many Thanks for this
  5. Best ROM?

    Sorry guys, new to android modding (former apple man :( converted). Im due to get a G300 this week and looking to install the Slim ICS V13 but cant find it. Could someone point me in the right direction if possible? Thanks

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