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  1. To unlock the bootloader, you can use this: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?p=10567247
  2. @chil360 I've been testing SlimLP 0.7 from Sunday afternoon until now have not had problems with black screen, if you've noticed that when using any browser, the battery discharges, also when playing videos, very quickly I've also had some freezing problems when using some heavy application, but it was not necessary to reboot, I just wait a little and resumes. I will keep reporting
  3. Hi @srfarias , thank you for continuing to work with our phone, a question, you could compile some rom? Dazzozo no longer providing support to CM11, and never finished MIUI KK, it would be great that you could support us to have any of these projects with the latest updates. Thank you.
  4. I use 20141025 CM11 with the last fix, I cneed to download the last CM11 and test. I report later. Tnks ... I flash a clean CM11 and now it's working perfect. Tnks so much. Now I test your Super Ultra Kernel :D
  5. I use CM11 an test the new fix and deep sleep does not work :(
  6. I use CM11, if you like I can help test.
  7. @srfarias how I can help? Tnks for your work.
  8. I have the same problem, I can not go into deep sleep, I check the lines of build.prop and are correct, I have not found the cause.
  9. Finally whatsapp calls work, tnks so much.
  10. Hi @chil360 , Could you help us to compile CM11 with the latest changes? Dazzozo is not supporting this. Thank you.
  11. I use the rom without modifications have only tried the kernel chil360, and still have black screen.
  12. I found this comment, perhaps this is useless:
  13. I use "kernel test 3" : After 6 hours, I have black screen when I try to wake up the phone.