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  1. So the phone was completely dead, plugged it in for a little bit, and it still won't stop trying to boot itself. I tried what you said and shut the phone off with the 10 second power button, and then got right on the volume up, and I really had no time to hit the power button myself as the phone was already trying on it's own. (I still held it for a second anyways) No luck though. I held it for a couple seconds and it just stayed in the HUAWEI Logo. Anything else? :S Am I able to do a full reset without the bootloader or recovery? (At this point I just want to boot the phone, and all my info is backed up so ANY method is fine) Sorry about all the edits, but I forgot to mention that every now and then the phone will get recognized by my computer. Not always but sometimes the computer catches it... if this helps
  2. Before I start, I actually have the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL.... not a P1... I am posting here because I simply cannot find a forum for this phone. I have read people who have this similar issue though... So I was hoping for ANY advice. So to put things straight, the phone was running Stock 4.0 just fine, and I went ahead trying to root it. It was going well but I accidentally hit something in the recovery which I couldn't read the language of (The method I was following was this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2037582 ) Now, the phone seems bricked... It is stuck on the Huawei Ascend boot screen (no animation) it has been stuck here for a few hours. Holding the power button down turns it off, but the phone powers itself back on immediately after, and attempting to go into recovery simply does not work. I also am unable to remove the battery until I find a new screwdriver... I am currently waiting for the phone to die in hopes it can boot to recovery... but does anyone have any tips? Thanks.