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  1. Sony MHL to HDMI Adapter?

    Hi Its proving harder than a thought trying to find a MHL to HDMI Adapter for a 'Sony Experia Z Tablet'. I was hoping to find one equivalent to the original 'Sony Adapter IM750' priced at £29.99, but cheaper if possible? I thought I had got one when a similar one was advertised on Amazon for The 'Sony Experia Z Tablet' yet turned out to be a Samsung product & unsuitable mainly because when connecting the micro usb of adapter to the tablet cover/flap of the tablet got in the way, so wouldn't connect flush to the tablet. When asked on Ebay if certain ones were suitable, also not very lucky. Just wondered if any one as bought one recently for a 'Sony Experia Z Tablet', works perfectly with the tablet or it might just mean buying the £29.99 version. Appreciate any help Thx
  2. Hi the 'micro usb port cover' of my 'Sony Experia Z Tablet', after a few uses being only 3 weeks old, doesn't close flush to the frame of the tablet? Is this common? Should I be overly concerned? I don't intend putting it. In any water. Is it worth exchanging? Appreciate any help Thx