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  1. Re-partition / Stock Partition Tool

    Download any (not 804 cause it dont have boot.img) stock rom. Download from xda huawei update extractor and extract img files from the update. Turn off the phone, then press vol- and power key, you are in fastboot mode. Then, flash img files from extracted rom with: Fastboot flash system SYSTEM.IMG fastboot flash boot BOOT.IMG And do the same with the others... When you finish, fastboot reboot Then start again, flash recovery, unlock, flash twrp and flash cyanogenmod
  2. manualy download zip and install with no data wipe, the same version or newer. Format /system /cache and davilk, then flash the rom zip
  3. Camera not working ("Cannot connect to camera")

    I think its hardware... Wrong conne tion or bad contact after the fall. My phones camera works bad for a month, then fall again and now works good again... No reflash, no factory reset.... Its a bad connection I think
  4. Camera not working ("Cannot connect to camera")

    Nothing help.... In my case the same problem..... Works good after another fall
  5. Vowney V5 spares

    I have the screen working great, but the glass is destroyed.... I havent got luck to find the replacement...
  6. AOSP for honor 2/G615

    Well after the notice that we have an unlocked bootloader I start to work to build an aosp rom for honor 2. I have not got the phone, its traveling tk my home, but I have some people from xda that test the rom and send me the logs to correct the build The rom developing starts with no boot at all, the second, boots, show the screen but fails, can control volume and power keys, thats the third build, not tested at all, but I need of us to get it better, so we can build a full usable rom, then a CM for people that likes it, and any rom you want, once we have a good build, we can experiment with that The build AOSP 4.2.2, from source, all build with my pc, only inject the files that are closed source of the device, and Im triyng to complete the source to give to the comunity to develop. Any that wants to test and contribute, there is the revision 3: NOT WARRANTY THAT WORKS https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39518037/aosp/u9508-ota-eng.pelo-r3.zip Many thanks for reading
  7. Earphone problem

    You need to switch the gnd and mic cable. Its a diferent revision of miniplug
  8. Compass not working at all

    I dont know, my gps its allways on by request, but how can I test? Open google maps with gps off???
  9. Compass not working at all

    reflash.... Something went wrong.... The stock rom from needrom works great for me. Only the compass works bad.
  10. Compass not working at all

    I install with sp flash, then cwm and root. The same procedure that uses with the other roms.... Gaps are included
  11. [Stock ROM] CWM Repack - 9th July 2013 - with Google Apps

    For me works without the patch
  12. [Stock ROM] CWM Repack - 9th July 2013 - with Google Apps

    it move, but dont work... I dont use it
  13. Vowney / Verne V5

    Try the last official rom, baseband change for first time
  14. [Stock ROM] CWM Repack - 9th July 2013 - with Google Apps

    New rom with new baseband in needrom... Flash with flashtools and the same later, cwm, supersu and remove unwanted apps The good: baseband can enable wcdma 1900... But not working for me, only can be checked with mobileuncle, not tested too much, but phone works great....
  15. Vowney / Verne V5

    I use apex launcher and I dont remove google search. I can resize clock to do it smaller and use all desktop area.... There is very similar to default doing a little modifications