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  1. Srfarias é un buon dev,ma é lontanissimo dall'essere meglio di chil360,tutti i suoi lavori sono basati sulla ROM di chil360 quindi non ti aspettare grandi bug fix da lui
  2. Regarding my brother's phone...his gionee elife e7 arrived and it is amazing,it got updated to KitKat and this month it will get official lollipop,gionee didn't release any source but some devs got it in some way(they say that they spammed gionee for this and finally someone gave them sources...luckily gionee elife e7 uses a snapdragon 800 so mediatek is not a problem here) and now a dev(that hasn't got the device...i think he devolops as hobby because he doesn't even want this cheap device)is devoloping omnirom lollipop and he is almost every week fixing something(is he magic? ) .. I am happy for my brother :P
  3. It isn't that easy and even the y300 ROM is unstable...g300 is old,i don't think it will get lollipop
  4. Is that theme yours????? I don't should thank the creator (z31s1g) and add him on the credits list
  5. If there was any news,here it would be written
  6. It's still a dev preview that has almost no changes from android L,not worth working on it now,if you have lollipop working good you'll have android M too
  7. The governor is a kernel service that manages CPU frequencies Example: ondemand: ondemand is called ondemand because when an app "demands" the governor highs the CPU frequencyes to what is needed
  8. Intende dire che cosa stavi facendo mentre ti é capitata lo schermo nero e se riesci posta un logcat He means that he wants to know what you was doing when black screen occurred and if you can post a logcat
  9. 1: swap actually doesn't help,the swap memory is slow and stress the CPU 2: you can try not as dangerous as swap,but the only advantage will be on multitasking 3: you can't run asphalt 8 on this isn't RAM fault...but the GPU(adreno 203...not so different from my old LG optimus one's GPU(adreno 200) with armv6 processor XD,and it exited when Samsung galaxy mini was out)is soooooo want the best performance?this phone will lag with every ROM but actually aosp mod is the best Oh ,placebo =
  10. There should be something with can try...
  11. ???? Using the phone is illegal or you listen to music while at school?
  12. I would suggest: mediafire or gdrive for big files(Rom etc...)and lowendshare/tinyupload for little files(recoveryes,kernels..both doesn't require registration and lowendshare supports hotlink..but has 25 mb limit for a file)

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