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  1. For me absolutely faster than CM10 or CM10.1
  2. Why you asking always this? We understand you have some problem with your eyes, and really sorry about this, but you can find some apps for it in the play store... Ie: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lowveld.ucs
  3. I found this bug in the previous 2 build also.
  4. Dear KonstaT! I used this ROM from first release (08.15) and I want to say really big thanks for your work, this ROM actually working better than 4.1.x and 4.2.x ROMs. Fast and reliable, in one word: perfect!
  5. If you want better sound experience the first step to buy good headphone, and then just disable any useless stuff like eq etc. If it's not enough, buy better phone ;) Personally I really hate any sound modification "magic" stuff, because the best sound experience ALWAYS the linear, and the weakest point the D/A converter.
  6. Magyar nyelven a "személyek" alatt lehet a névjegyeket szerkeszteni, törölni. Ha szükséges egyszerre több, vagy az összes névjegy törlése, a playen találsz rá neked megfelelő alkalmazást. Pl: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gn.android.contactdeleter In Hungarian language "személyek = contacts" you can edit and delete single contact. If you need delete more or all contact you can find some app for it in the play store. Ie: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gn.android.contactdeleter
  7. But I really don't understand something.... The boot animation and any other stuff what I missing, it's placed on /system or /system/media So I don't know why cannot restore this things? Anybody know, how can I extract any useful data from CWM backup folders, and blobs folders? Because, the data what I missed may already in my CWM backup and if I can extract from there I will try to manual push to the right folders. The most imprtant things for me the for solve the mess about bulid numbers (what i tried to explain my first post), and boot animation & sound.
  8. I did not want insult you. I just tried to help you. But please check my post, I posted different steps for the installation process. Please relax man, I really dont want to hurt you!
  9. Why did you want use this 'old' ROM and gapps? Download the new versions from this topic, put it to your SD cm-10.1-20130710-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip If needed backup your stuffz Go to the CWM recovery: Select wipe data/factory reset Select Yes -- delete all user data Wait for it to complete. Select wipe cache partition Select Yes - Wipe Cache Wait for it to complete. Select advanced Select wipe dalvik cache Select Yes - Wipe Dalvik Cache Wait for it to complete. Select +++++Go Back+++++ Select install zip from sd card Select choose zip from sdcard Select cm-10.1-20130710-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip Select Yes - Install cm-10.1-20130710-KonstaKANG-atlas40.zip Wait for it to complete. Select choose zip from sdcard Select gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip Select Yes - Install gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip Wait for it to complete. Select +++++Go Back+++++ Select reboot system now That's it...
  10. It's look like LED problem solved! @#393 epyloxias: you can copy them from your ie. CWM backup, copy to /system/lib/hw/ set the proper permission rename it from lights.msm7627a.so to lights.atlas40.so, reboot your device.
  11. Ok, thanks. Actually I disabled the battery light, now when I plug the charger the LED don't do nothing, so problem solved. ;) I try to send logcat about this.... maybe later I will also try to replace the .so file... And one another question about the wifi. When my wifi going to sleep and I wake the phone, the wifi won't connect again. When I go to the wifi settings, doesn't show any wifi network. I have to turn it off, and turn it on again. I tired to change the wifi sleep policy to always connect, and changing the wifi region, but the result is the same. I also have this problem with 4.1.2 ROM.
  12. Thanks KonstaT! This build is awesome. Faster, and more responsible than 4.1.2 build. I just have one problem, when I take out the charger plug, the LED still light, just the reboot can solve this. I also have this problem with 4.1.2 builds.
  13. Thanks for your answer. Actually I exactly coming from B05 from 4pda.ru site. Is it not to nice. So actually we got for this device 2 different root method, and one broken cwm recovery. :( (just the wipe and install working) The ZTE support in here (and also worldwide) is exactly nothing, so I can't download the Switzerland factory image. My device is working properly, because I successfully restore the system partition (I also had to generate md5sum, but I can restore just the system partition) , just couple of things missing, ergo I've lost my warranty... It is really strange......
  14. Hello MoDaCo Forum! Couple of weeks ago I bought Grand X (tegra2) in switzerland (the name is here: My Surf Pure, or Mimosa X) I succesfully rooted my device, and successfully installed CWM recovery with Grand X tool. The first thing in the CWM I made a backup, and full wipe, (system, data, zteconfig, cache, dalvik cache) after that i tired couple of ROM-s, ie: StarscreamMOD 1.7, ZTE V970V1.0.0 B05 (RU) etc. But when I try to going back my stock ROM the first thing what I realised, CWM tell me, the MD5 sum mismatch. I solved this problem, I generated md5, but when I tired to restore my backup, the CWM tell me, cannot restore data, .android.secure, and sd-ext. After that I wipe everything (system, data, zteconfig, cache, dalvik cache), I choose the advanced restore --> system, it will be successfull, but not perfect, because my bootlogo missing, and bootsound also missing, and when I go to the About phone --> baseband version: Unaviable, Build number --> Unaviable. I tired to check my build.prop, it is contains my original (stock) details, but in the /zteconfig -->manualfactoryInfo.txt the last part contain my original build number and my last ROM build number also. (P943FV1.0.0B07ZTE V970V1.0.0B05.7) Maybe this cause the unaviable thing in the about phone option... I tired to delete the last part, but with every reboot, came back... So my question, can I restore my phone to the stock properly, if I need warranty repair? Or anybody have switzerland SD card update, it would be best! I would be thankful for any help Thanks