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  1. thanks - I think that's perhaps the issue ... I couldn't fix it though so have started from scratch .... I think stock+ may have caused the issue but who knows. thanks
  2. is there any fix for the low volume when on speaker phone for this mod? thanks
  3. I tried to set it but having problems with Stock+ as it just keeps rebooting and asking for pin and doesn't seem to encrypt anything ... oh well! Might try again with a different rom
  4. settings > security > encrypt phone
  5. has anyone tried the encrypt phone option? i was wondering if it slows down the phone when booting up (and presumably decrypting) or if there are any change with the phone's performance? also - what's the best way of doing a full backup of the phone, apps, rom etc so things can be properly restored if it does slow things? thanks
  6. I've just tested it myself - network unlocking does appear to solve this issue