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  1. soooooooo ... i've tried Slimkat , good rom overall , the only problem is that after about 15 dirty flashes(updates) it went downhill pretty hard , no more fluidity , no more stability , and bugs started appearing .. so the only way to use it is going clean install at every update ... P.S the method they post on the website about the dirty flash doesnt work , i tried it and it deleted everything
  2. can anyone tell how to ota update , i downloaded the update but the install doesnt start
  3. im not interested in the media that much , i take a picture now and then , and maybe from time to time i find myself searching YouTube for a video due to lack of a computer at that moment , i mostly use my phone for Viber , facebook some times , maybe games some times ... i`ll keep that rom in mind and if this one doesn't pleases me i`ll try that too i went on that link to read about it , i had no idea that so many people use the radio on their phones , i don't think i ever used the radio on any of my phones
  4. Hello to everybody , i am looking for the perfect rom , by perfect i mean stable , as smooth as it can be , decent batery life and with all the functions working flawlessly.i have tried for the past months a few roms more or less a week each one of them , without having too much luck.the roms that i have tried are : -SymAnd B196 -FusionX -Fluffy Rom CM 10 V1 (it says on his page that V2 doesnt work well with Y300) -Dazzozo CM 10.2 or 11 cant remember exactly which one -Fluffy KitKat - tried installing with twrp and cwm latest versions with no luck Even if i dont exactly recall where and which rom had the problems i do remember the problems on this roms which eventually lead me to keep trying new roms over and over : - bad battery life (only one of them had a very good battery life) - microphone problem on all of them i think (not sure) the microphone would drop dead in the middle of the conversation - huge hang time sometimes i would need to remove battery - random restarts or automatic restarts after long hang times Please recommend some roms , this next week ill try CM 10.1 by Kra1o5
  5. i am still not able to install this rom neither on twrp nor cwm .... please fix
  6. have you tried deleting them ? which ones ? all 4 of them or only the last 2 ?
  7. can some1 please give me a step by step on how to install this ? im using SymAnd B196 V1.2 at the moment ... Y300-100 i have TWRP
  8. so 10.1 cyanogen are overall better than other versions ... may i ask what dualmic option in build.prop does ?
  9. ok thanks mockingbird , ill add it to the list , any other recomandations? L.E. there are multiple versions of 10.1 , which one do you use ?
  10. Hi Guys .Wow there are so many ROMs that i dont even know where to begin, or more exactly with which one to begin.did anyone tested/tried all of them ? or most of them ? can some1 recomend me a few ? i am curently using SymAnd B196 ... and i want to change because sometimes when i make normal phone calls my microphone dies in the middle of the conversation, also the battery kinda sucks... i want a balanced rom quality/performance , that doesnt have any major bugs ... i also use HA Y300
  11. so .. what do i do with the zip file ? where do i put it ? internal memory or external memory ? twrp folder? as ive said im not that good at installing stuff on phone @zola , i will try it , thanks for recomandation
  12. i dont like nova launcher and apex launcher and any of those crappy launchers , i personally use Next 3d free launcher ... im not searching only for a better antutu score questions : 1 whats universal vendor and where i find it ? cuz google has no idea :) 2 how do i install it ? cuz i dont think you are giving me all the steps ... thank you for the prompt response
  13. hi guys , im the owner of an y300 with SymAnd V1 178 , and its great , it has stock toggles , and stuff , but i thought i should be moving forward to a more advanced version , however im new to this whole flashing and wiping stuff , after i full wipe and recover this version , how can i manually/ separately install (flash) other stuff like stock toggles (since it appears it doesnt have them) , 720p video recording and stuff like that ? can someone give a tutorial link for this kind of operations ? and if possible the link for this separate "addons" ? antutu - 6133 ( kinda lame ) but phone works fine , battery hmm 6/10 , viber mic doesnt work , sdcard isnt recognized , but thats probably because it isnt a kingston or sandisk . P.S. Be gentle .. it took me 2 days to figure out how to install twrp 2.5 :D
  14. dexterul


    notification panel doesnt work on my phone , i have no toggles :( sad :(
  15. dexterul


    when i bought the phone i could make 720p videos with its stock rom , but afterward when i downloaded the official b175 from the website , there was no more 720p and no more notification panel toggles ... is it hard to convert this B190 recovery in a B190 firmware update ? so you dont have to install everything afterward ?