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  1. Thanks for your reply, so already all understandable for me. ;) (Sorry, if already was before subject. Before I wrote, I searched in this topic, but I not found it.)
  2. Cool it! It was just a question! I'm very happy that a battery LED and a color changeable, although they aren't important to me. The point is to flash, it is enough. Just I noticed, that the intensity setting is possible and it doesn't work, so I asked you that why not. This is a big problem? :mellow: Otherwise I "can't fight hardware limitations with software", but if I could, I have sent to you a bottle of hungarian wine via email. ;)
  3. @joovie I also have a Jabra in-car speakerphone and previously (ROM) it didn't work. @KonstaT one comment: I would like set that a pulse notification light be longer, but I whatever do, unfortunately it doesn't work. example: I go to the Setting/System/Pulse notification light/Default and I set the lenght "very long" and speed "very slow".... does not really change anything (visually). Checking the notificiation light, about every 10. flash will be long, but actually this number is random. Is this a ROM or user problem? :) Actually it is not important for me, but not be bad, if it working.... and a bonus question: The Blade 3 led is not RGB? (because only work the red and green color) Thank you in advance for your answers! ^_^
  4. Thanks for a new update (17.9.) KonstaT! Now, perfectly work the bluetooth and important to me in-car speakerphone too. ^_^
  5. anyone any idea? (I thought the web proxy settings)
  6. I searched the phone the proxy settings, but I couldn't find it. Someone can help me where to find it?
  7. Not myself -> yourself! :P I've been here a long time ago... ohh! I thought that the default value (20ms) is correct (perceptible). This is my mistake that I didn't modified it. :blink: Now, I changed this value (50ms), and it is good now. Thanks for your fast answer. ;)
  8. Welcome back! :) I install new "release" (28.8) and this better than previous (7.8). I wrote previously some problem and these disappeared for example "(first boot) some application stoped" and "device is a bit slow (falter)" etc. The speed of the ROM is better (the same as the 10.1). I think the ROM is now ready to use (I do not use bluetooth and radio (I do not need it.)). Good work KonstaT. ;) One comment: Vibration of the keyboard (touch) does not work. Ideas or tips, why not?
  9. Great work ;) , I installed this ROM. Some experience and observations: I use this gapps, and after the installation (first boot) some application stoped for exampe: clocks, google+, google search etc. After this I update this app in the playstore and they were became good (did not stopped). I tried the GPS, it was good but I sometime lost a signal. The wifi, 3G and browsing is good and the all google aplication is work (the gmap too). :-) Overall, the ROM is used but I felt that the device is a bit slow (falter) and sometimes can not be exited from the some application (only home button). I think that will be optimized.... Same frequency: 4.3 AnTuTu bench 4.2.2 AnTuTu bench
  10. @bamdad Ok. I will update the test with this ROM. My plan, that continuously update this test with other ROMs. (then a few weeks later, because now I haven't got much time)
  11. @odmetnik81 I think that reboots isn't ROM problem. Unfortunately, this is a phone problem because if you install other or your original ROM, a restart would be happen. Please check THIS topik. Here are some people who have this problem.
  12. Thanks for answers peetu20, MJonMoDaCo and KonstaT! ;) I understand. I have an Ubuntu Live CD and I try it. I like this ROM. I made tests few days ago. -> LINK (sorry, some texts are Hungarian, but the results are international :P )
  13. Thanks for the secret operation! ;) ..but I activate the debugging mode and connected the phone to copmuter, but It don't see the internal sorage. All the same, not important! :-)
  14. I have a 8GB SD card, actually it was just a question (not important the internal storage function). Otherwise I can't find USB debugging option in the settings. Only mtp, ptp and USB storage functions.