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  1. any mirrors for g510 links not working..
  2. [Request] Ascend G600 Development

    Here is CM11 for G600 that is Ilysch from 4pda made :) working: - everything except: - sound is bad, 1 speaker is louder the other, its not dts :unsure: - and you mast include sim card code if you can find mobile network. This is BAG :unsure: include code in: - Settings ----> Security ----> Set up SIM card lock ----> Lock SIM card - if you can not do in CM11, do it in 4.0.4 then flesh CM11 :) Thats it :) .Now developers can improve and fix bags :) if we have developer for our phone. :unsure:
  3. can some1 make SystemUI with button indicator on toggles such a CM SystemUI?