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  1. odmetnik81

    Where is KonstaT?

  2. odmetnik81

    Where is KonstaT?

    ZTE will never be the same without you... :(
  3. odmetnik81

    Where is KonstaT?

    Simple as that.... I miss you, bro... :(
  4. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    piece of sh.it.....
  5. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha... fu.cking troll..... Kid, i'm 33 years old,... a cop from Serbia, .... WHAT A FU.CK ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT THAT!!!??? Fu.cking teenage girl/boy with pimples on his/her face... and maybe on his/her di.ck/vag.ina... Dont be spolied and arogant, thats all... I won't be posting anything here after this one... Don't want to waste my time... Fu.cking troll... Upisanko mali...
  6. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    yeah, I am mad..., mad about fuc.king pointless posts from a guy/troll who is completly stupid and selfish and arogant, also... "I want custom rom, but fu.ck ya all, help me, give me custom rom, give me, give me...., If you dont want to help, then FU.CK YOU ALL..." Hey bro, I want to be a pilot, but I dont go to aircraft, planes or aircraft forums and bother people like "I WANT A PILOT LICENSE, GIVE IT ME, GIVE IT,GIVE IT..." Everything is well explained about custom roms, you just need to READ, but NOOOOO.... Thats right,.... absolutely pointless...
  7. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    fu.cking troll
  8. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    PLEASE, turn off this topic, ...please, moderators...
  9. odmetnik81

    Please...I lost sanity

    badword troll
  10. NP, thanks, man... And thanks to all developers
  11. Absolutely THE fastest ROM I've ever tried... Mixed with partinioned SDcard and LINK2SD, it is very fast... But I dont want to be whining bitch, but I get random reboot once in 3-4 days... Anyone else gets that? Beside random reboots and DPI settings, everything else is superb!!! Thanks to all developers...
  12. Thx :) And also , as I noticed, navigation ring is not working, i just cant manage to make it work...
  13. I installed it, everything is perfect, its very fast, but I just cant change DPI for SETTINGS, GMAIL, (it looks like tablet, settings are in DUAL MODE VIEW) and for lot other things. I looked it on Youtube, foundthe solution, but I cant do it, it doesnt work. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks...
  14. odmetnik81

    Where can I buy a new battery online?

    http://www.lenovo-battery.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=392&products_id=1305 http://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-zte-v889m-battery.html
  15. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8TaxKUaucGGTTRsVG10YXI3WGM/edit?usp=sharing Is that the same? Edit: I figure it out...