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  1. Yes, Kra1o5 is a very trustworthy developer that deserves all our respect and admiration. It is incredible the amount of work that he accomplished since last Summer. Thanks Kra1o5!
  2. The truth is, I'll never know what was the problem. But it certainly wasn't the use of internal memory because that was what came to my mind immediately. I had around 13Gb of free space and it gave me an error while backing up system partition. It happened twice but... ... well I just tried again and it worked. Perhaps my memory card is becoming problematic or something like that. I guesss I'll never know. Thanks once again Kra1o5!
  3. Kra1o5, flashing is ok, but I am having problems making backups of 4.4. It fails all the time. Is it just me? Thanks for all your hard work!
  4. I've been using R12 for a couple of days and what can I say? It is probably the ROM that lasts longer on my phone. You're the man Kra1o5!
  5. And does the recompiled SettingsUI.apk work at all? I tried and I'm left with no status bar :(
  6. To put the link or to click the link? The link to donate is in the first post... Search "insert coin". Testing ROMs for me is fun and I learn something from that. If I paid the device to a company that doesn't support it properly, why wouldn't I pay a small fee to a developer that tries to give it a new life? It is just one or two beers less :) Thanks Kra1o5 for your work and thanks kekkogb for bringing this subject.
  7. I tried it and still couldn't read passive NFC tags. I tried it away from the computer and without net access. I will test again tomorrow and collect a log with the stock kernel and this one to see if something comes up that may give you a clue. Thanks!
  8. Sure! Install TWRP and do a backup before installing. You can restore later at any time. I have been doing this for a while with no problems whatsoever.
  9. Hi joestone, I didn't try this latest build but I can say that all your previous releases had a problem with NFC while trying to read passive tags. I can't test Android Beam which you say is working ok because I don't have a second device with NFC but I can assure you that tag reading is not working. Perhaps it is some service that is not booting or some misconfiguration. I tried with several apps but no joy. Thanks.
  10. A big thanks from me too! The ROM seems like butter when compared to the original 171 from Vodafone that I had installed. I installed the initial version but managed to get the toggles back on my own. However, I found a problem with the version of Google Search that is bundled. When I press the button on my bluetooth hands free to start voice search the screen remains in "Initializing". I solved it by replacing Velvet.apk inside system/app with the one from the stock vodafone 171 version. I believe this is a google bug that affects many devices. Anyway, thanks again for adding NFC to this version. Where did you get the kernel from? I suppose the original one from the Y300 didn't have NFC kernel drivers...
  11. I can't believe it! You're awsome! Thanks Kra1o5!
  12. Perhaps the behaviour is different between beam and normal tag reading. I don't have another device to test Beam function but I reinstalled your ROM and I still can't read NFC tags... Can you try with a tag instead of another device? Also, in Google Play Store I couldn't find NFC Task Launcher application... only the plugins for it... Thanks for your efforts!
  13. I tested your second build and I couldn't get NFC to work. It turned on and off (after a restart because on first boot it wouldn't turn off) but I could't read any tag at all. Are you sure that NFC is working? If so, what do you think might have caused the problem? I did a factory reset, erased dalvik cache and formatted system before installing... Thank you both (Kra1o5 & joestone) for you marvellous efforts to our benefit.