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    Reboots during streaming and moving

    Hi for me worked the official updated. It looks very clean but the Launcher isnt modifiable. I installed Nova Launcher and now everything works. Maybe it helps you too. You can get it here: http://www.needrom.com/mobile/vowney-v5-2/
  2. Fakeacc01

    Reboots during streaming and moving

    Looks like the new Firmware solved the Problem. Running 40 Minutes on streaming after update and no reboots. Further test will coming, but for the moment it looks ok. But i have another Problem now, with the new one i cant add widgets to my homescreen. On the lockscreen i can add one, but in the widget list in menu there are no new widgets listet. i tried clockq and weather widget, but they dont appear, so i cant add them. Do someone know a solution or a workaround to add widgets manually on homescreen? It only happens on the actual rom s5009_1022.
  3. Fakeacc01

    Reboots during streaming and moving

    Hi, today i detected a little problem as i was strolling arround and listening during soccer streaming. After 5-10 minutes of listening and walking the phone reboots itself. First i thought i was the streaming app, so i tried to stream during dolphin-browser, but the reboots constantly happens. If i hold my position the streaming is running constantly and no reboots happen. So i think it is a problem with changing the mobile receivers. After discovering this i remember that i had turned off my pin-request for my data sim card, because it often ask for the pin, when i traveling long distances. So i think the problem is the frequent change of the receiver antenna. Has anyone of you similar problems so i can figure out if it is a software problem? Because i use the updated original software-mod from vowney and think most of you use tillaz or another mod. Edit: Ok now i tested the streaming without moving and it rebooted after 20-30 minutes. So the moving accelerateds the reboot but it isn´t the problem. Has anyone of you an idea why the reboots are happening when i streaming media?