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  1. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Delete '/data/SWITCH/son' Should work anyway... That's all the S-ON zip installs.
  2. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Oh yeah, forgot about that... Feel like a complete idiot now. I remember that I used HaxSync before on my Sensation with CM10.
  3. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Anybody else having issues syncing Facebook contacts on GPe? (Sense works fine) Is it something to do with the fact that Sense has 'Facebook for HTC Sense' as well as the normal app?
  4. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Should have thought of that lol, that fixed T9 and long-pressing.
  5. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I added the exclusion but still no luck after switching from Sense to GPe and back to Sense again...
  6. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I certainly will! With a little more digging I just found that there's a file called 'appwidgets.xml' in the same folder as the wallpaper which I think could be the source of our widget troubles...
  7. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I think the wallpaper issue might be related to the fact that the current wallpaper is stored as a png located at '/data/system/user/<USER_NUMBER>/wallpaper'... Is there some way we could have different wallpapers for each ROM? Maybe a script to swap two different wallpapers when switching?
  8. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Yup :D. I have been testing for a little bit now and I've had none of the issues mentioned here so far, except that my widgets get removed when switching and the wallpaper is switched across GPe and Sense if it is a stock wallpaper. I'll post any other issues I find when (and if!) they arise. Keep up the good work Paul!!
  9. late to the party?

    Well in my opinion, the One is the best phone available right now. But, there are some rumours of a refresh before the end of this year, so it's probably best to wait.
  10. 4.2.2 for HTC One, what do you think?

    I'm loving the new update... Some of the things in 4.1 really annoyed me, like the 'black bar of death' and the dock icons as the OP said. Only one issue though: I updated before I went S-OFF and now I can't. :( Oh well, I guess there's nobody to blame for that except myself. ;)
  11. New Owner default app Q - Play Music vs Music

    I would say the main difference between HTC's 'Music' and Google's 'Play Music' is that Play Music can play music from your purchased Play Store music, whereas HTC's cannot. I personally prefer the look of Play Music, (and I buy music on the Play Store) so I only use that. As for uninstallation, unfortunately not without root. But, you can disable them. Go to Setttings > Apps and slide over to the 'All' tab and find whichever one you want to be rid of. Tap on it, and select 'Disable'. This is almost as good as uninstalling the app, as it is completely hidden and non-functional. I have used this feature for some HTC apps which I never use (Best Deals). Hope this helps!
  12. Firmware for unfamous Android tablet

    I just so happen to have a tablet which looks exactly the same as the one you have... I will try to get firmware for it!