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  1. MoDaCo.SWITCH for the HTC One Beta signup

    I'm new to all of this. I've owned a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for the past year, and bought an HTC One Google Edition a couple of weeks ago, because I enjoy "stock" Android. Unfortunately, the phone they sent me had issues, so it will be on its way back to Google, and I've ordered an HTC One Developer Edition. I very much enjoy what I saw in the video here. It's a great way to have both operating systems available, as desired. I hope that when Switch becomes available, it will be the type of thing that an "ordinary person" following instructions will be able to install. Right now, I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Since I use T-Mobile, their HTC One is the only one with all the radios built-in to access T-Mobile. Maybe this will change over time, as LTE spreads across their network, along with the refarming of other frequencies. The Google Edition seemed like a better choice, and the Developer Edition seems like the best choice, but I don't know enough to really understand how I'll ever get my phone set up like the Switch video shows. If I had a wish-list, it would be that the Switch function could allow the user to select between many different ROM's, stock HTC, stock Android, and the various others that I've been reading about. I just signed up for your list of people who would like to try this out, but unless you want feedback from "beginners", I'm not sure how much help I might be. I used to trouble-shoot software that was going to be released for sale, but this world of ROM's is completely new to me.