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  1. i tried, but still wont boot past CWM... im fairly sure thats what "omegavesko" suggested...?
  2. how would i accidentally flash when i reboot? :s and i tried Skatie as a ROM, how would i install as a TPT, as in unpack via PC rather than unpack in CWM? cheers
  3. i downloaded and installed "[ROM][ZTE Skate] MoKeeOS v1.10 - CM7.2 - Android 2.3.7" got confirmation message etc rebooted and would you believe it..... CWM opened AGAIN -.-
  4. downloading now, ill give it a go, if it works, cheers in advance if not, cheers anyway! ;) will post progress...
  5. So my dad installed CM9 onto his ZTE Skate before i recieved it as a hand me down, he also lost the SD card before giving to me therefore as you can imagine, rendering the phone completely useless for an undetermined time... at this stage i have very little knowledge of anything rooting/roms/tpts ETC, however i am very familiar with the... underbelly of technology as far as cracks and fiddling with admin/advanced areas are concerned, so i dont consider myself an utter rookie in this field, i pick things up pretty swiftly also. I have grabbed an 8GB sdhc from an old blower i had lying around and completely formatted it i have tried a couple different things like installing a new ROM and GAPPS from CWM and even step by stepped a TPT tutorial ( http://www.modaco.co...zte-skate-tpts/ ), deferring the phone to the stock TPT, upon a couple of tries the MD5 checker told me "files do not match" when checking nandroid.img with the ZIP the TPT came in however after unpacking the image folder on the SD card MD5 checker told me they matched, so i took the risk as the way forum posters spoke about that confusion didnt seem too... "BRICK OR NOT BRICK" anyway after unpacking TPT, installing the ROM & GAPPS zips and wiping factory/data, cache and dalvik cache all via CWM, i rebooted and crossed my fingers and prayed and allsorts of rituals, it STILL DOESNT LEAVE CWM! :@ at THIS stage i am alot more compitent in my knowledge of back-door android, i have read many a page of these forums, and believed to have understood the majority of it all, however, I AM GETTING INCREDIBLY VEXED WITH THIS TECHNOLOGICAL DEFEAT! NOTES: i do not enter any combination of keys to boot in CWM when the phone powers up i see the green android, then CWM i tired various ROMs before resorting to TPT even google hasnt been able to help me > :(