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  1. I have a Huawei G510 and I decided to upgrade to KitKat a couple of days ago. I update my recovery and flash Cyanogenmod 11 I think. verything works fine except it doesnt detect my SIM Card. It shows no bars, and it doesnt ask me for a PIN. when I try to find a network it says theres an error. Ive looked everywhere and most people suggest that it my be that the IMEI has been lost after the update, but I still have my IMEI correct, just no SIM. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Default Lock screen, wish I could change it since its the only thing thats rkinda ruining everything. Other than that I went for a pretty minimal look. Apex Launcher I think, with the Tiny White Icon Pack First page with the time, date and battery level since I hided the notification bar. Second page are the main apps Not much else to see in the drawer, so thats it
  3. I actually reflashed this rom after trying with other roms. The other roms couldnt detect the sim, and this ones is almost perfect except I cant remove the bottom bar. I installed Apex today and its still there. I had a look at build.prop but Im not sure which one Im supposed to remove.. little hint?
  4. Hey guys, Im looking for light roms for the Huawei G510-0100. All Ive been finding so far are for the G510-0200 and Ive had it because I cant find a rom that doesnt have any problem, like not detecting the sim card and so. Whats a rom that you recommend for the G510-0100? Thanks in advance!
  5. bump, all I need is to remove the lower buttons (return, home and task manager)
  6. I just stayed with the normal default android Os launcher ( I had the choice between the 2). How should I go about with the buttons now?
  7. mind sending me some tutorials for all that? Im not exactly an expert on this :/
  8. I unlocked mine this way, and its not very hard. First you want to download Android SDK and once you have it, go to folder sdk>platform-tools for the fastboot tools. Next turn off your phone, and take out the battery. Wait a couple of seconds and reinsert the battery. Then press vol - + lock button and keep them pressed for 10-15seconds. I dont know if it should show a menu or not, but on mine it just stays on the bootscreen. Then connect the phone to your computer, and now back to the platform-tools, press shift+right click on the folder window and there will be an extra option that doesnt normally appear. It should say something like "Open command prompt in this destination" or something like that, and thats what it should do too. And now you should have completed step 1 and 2!
  9. Hey guys I bought me a G510-0100 a couple of weeks ago and now that I started trying out different ROMs I cant stop because I can never find a good one for me. I tried a couple of ROMs from the spanish forums and all of them worked great, EXCEPT I would never be able to use the sim card (basically it is just like the phone had no simcard) Then I went looking around some more and I found out those ROMs were for G510-0200 and not 0100. One time I installed a Sisco rom http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=590093 and it actually solved the problem, but it also added touchwiz and a couple of extra buttons like return and home that would always be on the lower part of the screen, never leaving it. So I ask you, is there any way to solve the SIM card problem? Or can you recommend me to a (preferably light) 0100 rom? Thanks in advance!