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  1. Live-Dimension added a post in a topic Recovering 3G in the G300 of Latin America and other 850 MHz regions   

    This has brought back Telstra 3G which uses 850mhz! However, I'm still unable to use Optus 3G which uses 900mhz! =[

    I'm curious as to why 2100mhz refuses to work.
    edit: Optus generally does 2100mhz in metro areas and 900mhz in regional areas which is what I'm in. This is why 2100mhz won't work. So there needs to be a 900mhz modem as well. This phone used to work on 3g 900mhz a long time ago...


    How did you pull the dumps and compile them? I might try going through stock roms and extracting different modems until I can find one that will work for Optus.
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