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  1. LeWill

    Recommend me a new phone.

    Very happy with my Acer Liquid E2. Motorola Moto G details are out tomorrow, that should meet all of your requirements other than only a 5 mega pixel camera. I think the Acer meets all of your requirements though.
  2. In the view that shows you have 89mb internal free, mine shows 204mb free. Do you have CleanMaster installed? This seems to be good for helping get as much as possible onto the SD card.
  3. Just seems I have more internal memory left (124mb). I guess I just have less installed.
  4. They aren't, but I still don't have any space issues.
  5. I have most of my stuff on SD. What is taking up all your internal memory?
  6. I see you can now root easily with superoneclick. Is there any real advantage to rooting this phone?
  7. I wonder how well Acer will support this phone? Do you think we will see a 4.3 release?
  8. BT transfer is just quicker. When my kids were on pay as you go (no internet), transferring music and photos between their phones and their mum's was impossible when they were out. I still use BT to transfer now (even though they have contracts) because it is quicker. Yes, they could use e-mail but that isn't the fastest solution (and also eats into monthly allowances). This is just an example of where IOS isn't as good as Android.
  9. One other thing that annoys me about Apple is that you cannot use Bluetooth to transfer files between phones. The Windows phone also used to suffer from this, but at least MS put it right.
  10. Chris - do you know if these phones have a 2 year world wide guarantee? Some of us bought the phones through Expansys and I assume they imported.
  11. I feel I've been lucky with the phone but I'm scared problems are waiting for me! Sadly, my "luck" should really be the norm. I'm currently considering buying one of the Acer Windows 8 tablets but I've lost some confidence in Acer based on what I'm reading. :(
  12. That seems a fairly harsh review. I've been very happy with the phone so I guess it really doesn't matter what the reviews say as they neither make the phone worse or better. The reviews never seem to consider that the phone is dual sim which brings a lot of benefit if that is what you are after. I've also found the camera absolutely fine, noticing in night shots the images appear better than those taken on my wife's iPhone 4S. Maybe my expectations are simply low, but I have no regrets about purchasing this phone as it has exceeded my expectations.
  13. I think there have already been quite a few people reply to your original question, but I guess you aren't interested in their answers. My current phone is an Acer Liquid E2 that came with Android 4.2. I've not customised it at all, so perhaps you can let me know what ios offers that my phone cannot do out of the box? My phone is a dual sim model which the iphone simply can't compete with and like for like we've already noticed that the iphone's camera can't match the Acer for night shots, so what do you think ios can do that my Acer can't? This then shows another important factor, an Android phone capable of challenging an Apple phone when it is only a third of the price.
  14. Have to question why someone who doesn't like Android would post here? What are they actually expecting? People to say "good points, we are all switching to Android"? In answer to your original post, my wife has an iPhone 4s but I much prefer Android. I feel ios is more for the simpler users and Android is more for the technically minded. I don't personally know anyone who has moved from Android to ios, but know 2 who have moved the other way and now much prefer Android.
  15. The lock up problem is where the phone locks up and you need to reset by removing the battery. As for your space problems, do you have no apps installed to the internal storage space that you can move to the phone's storage space?