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  1. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    I tried, it's nice, i noticed mobile network data in settings(on,off) .. :)
  2. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    I still can't get it why CM10 is so smoother than cm10.1, cm10.2 and cm11 ...
  3. [Kernel] init.d support for ZTE Blade V

    Im sorry for off-topic i need to ask something KonstaT, here is my problem i have flashed MIUI for blade V in my blade III pro with Blade V boot.img and rom booted but touch dont works only power key is working and i tried with my stock boot.img, apps were optimizing the same procedure as blade V boot.img but the phone after apps optimizing again goes to bootanimation and its stucked here and only LED Notification is going on here is logcat: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0LcuL3pgqjydEhmRnRpTV9STUU/edit?usp=sharing
  4. ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    KonstaT, you if you have free time to make a full working cwm for Blade III Pro, use lun file of Blade V which is the same as Blade III Pro, and i have one question for you there is CM10.1 for Blade G who has the same specs as Blade III Pro Camera,CPU,GPU etc.. why i cant port it, i have bootloop? this is logcat http://prntscr.com/310sq0 --> seems like this dont give phone to boot.
  5. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    update for what? i made a full version :D
  6. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    nope there isn't included custom kernel so no swap, oc or anything else, its the stock kernel!
  7. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    yes, but there isn't subforum for Blade III Pro and the title is good Blade III PRO!
  8. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    I don't know bro, you are the one who need to say that :D
  9. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    Sure bro, i'm not telling that you must install it! But you can make a backup of your current rom, install it and if you dont like it you can restore it with your backup!
  10. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    best for me. Because there isn't any custom kernel for this phone so no more governors they are only the stock one :)
  11. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    Sec, i'll reupload it! *Edited: screenshots back!
  12. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

  13. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    FAQ:Always read before you post something! Q:I have problem with a video camera, i cant record it says "camera, has stopped working"? A:Well yes, first you need to focus somewhere and when focus is green then you can record. Q:Why when i open Recent Apps and Google shows up? A:Go to Apex Settings > Behavior Settings > Menu key long-press action > Recent Apps Q:Why they are not include Calendar, Gmail, Google Play, etc..? A:Because you have them in PlayStore! Q:I need some stock system app, where should i find it? A:PM me or post here :) Q:How to make transparent status bar? A:Go to Settings > Customization > Transparency Managment : - Statusbar for launcher: 100% - Statusbar for lockscreen:56%
  14. [ROM] X-Light - Blade III Pro

    X-Light Rom for ZTE Blade III Pro! My first custom rom, hope you like it! It's customized custom rom, mostly like AOSP! Always do a backup before you flash something! Link:X-Light - Rom Screenshots: Features: - init.d support! - build.prop tweaks! - 720p video mode! (ex.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB8abSTxDZ4) - changed boot animation! - new viber works! - removed a lot of stock apps! - some apps are changed! - i can't remember anything else! Steps: 1.Copy X-Light_Rom.zip to your external sdcard. 2.Reboot to cwm and flash it! (install zip>choose zip from sd card>X-Light_Rom.zip) 3.Wipe cache partition and dalvik-cache and reboot!(First boot may take more time to boot it!) 3.Go to Settings>Xposed Installer>Framework>Install/Update then go to Modules>And tick all modules. 4.Reboot phone! Credits: alekcacko - helping with 720p video camera! tillaz - i use his rom(FusionX) as example and his stock modded app perfomance control, so thank you anyway!
  15. i have one simple question can you tell me how to set up 720p video recording on my ZTE Blade III Pro which have the same specs as Y300?