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  1. Thanks,but I figurated it by myself Thanks anyway
  2. Is there an disable .zip file?Like xposed has? You flash it,and all kitkat pack returns to default.
  3. I looking forward to next update on this ROM,I'm now on KonstaT CM 10.2 because for some odd reason I could now make calls and battery life was very short from 100% - 12% in ~6h(not playing games in that time just browsing for 20min and listening to music.) If you could fix that Show slider before PIN screen would be very happy. No rush,take your time,keep up the good work both you and KonstaT :)
  4. Hello I have found bug,I was wondering could you fix it When you go Settings>PAC-MAN>Lockscreen Widgets>Screen security: And tick "Show slider before unlock mechanism" It wont work,you can tick it,but it'll untick itself when you exit settings or turn screen of. Would be really happy if you could fix it ^^ Thanks EDIT:Another bug,there are some apps including Messaging app,the text is black/gray on a black/gray background so you cant see the text. Note:This only happens when PAC is in black mode(problem will still occur when turned off,I fix it by force close app or rebooting phone.) Waiting for new update :D Keep up the good work.
  5. Me happy!(read in Hulk voice)
  6. Just to ask,so you are going to make 4.2.2 AOKP?I would be very happy if you do so ^^
  7. zEr0Punk

    Please help..I'm ripping my hair out

    OMG thank you soo much,I installed update and it worked!!!!Going to install CWM and the custom rom THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!
  8. zEr0Punk

    Please help..I'm ripping my hair out

    Where can I found generic ZTE firmware? EDIT:Found them,but download speed is 35 kb/s
  9. zEr0Punk

    Please help..I'm ripping my hair out

    But when I try to install cwm or recovery.img with adb I can't because it says:no device,and yes I've installed drivers EDIT:Did I mention it has no ROM in it,I can just go i recovery and that FTM mode
  10. Hello all I heave big problem,so I needed to return my phone to service because my speaker got broken,and something else i dont know.So I needed to flash back to stock rom with stock recovery,so I flashed stock recovery with cwm and rebooted phone,then I tried to install update.zip from stock recovery and got this error -- Install /sdcard ... Finding package... Opening package... Verifing update package... E:Signature verification failed Installation aborted Yesterday i got this error: -- Install /sdcard ... Finding package... Opening package... Verifing update package... Installing update... assert failed getprop("ro.product.name") == "P772N10_TELE2"); Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted Please could somebody help me Please..
  11. Hello just wanted to say theres a small bug on this rom,when you try to lower your volume and click that small button to make volume expandable it just freezes and dissapears after few seconds(thats the first time when you use that option),when you use it second time it just expands a little bit not showing all the options. Just wanted to share,if you can fix it it'd be great :D
  12. Hello after updateing to new version am getting alot of reboots,4 in a row today!