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  1. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I had that happen as well. I reflashed twice before it cleared and stopped all the pop ups.
  2. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I am back to working again. :) Thanks for the suggestions. Now I am running into an issue though. Play Store on Sense side keeps closing. It will open for a sec and then close. Followed by the normal "has stopped responding" message. Tried clearing the cache, data, etc. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Thanks! I am trying it now. Have to adb push. I completely wiped it all in error. If I screw up... i screw up!
  4. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Hey guys. That little part of "do not wipe after installing or it will break stuff"... in case you are an idiot and do that, how would one go about fixing it? I keep getting stuff on the reboot screen. thanks
  5. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I had the same issue. I was on CWM recovery. So I changed to TWRP and with the reflash it all works perfectly.
  6. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Thanks!! Working like a charm. Can't believe I didn't think to do that. :) Appreciate it. Now I have no issues at all to report on either ROM. Looking forward to what 4.3 brings us.
  7. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I am one of the S-On testers and did the switch from CWM to TWRP to just fix all the issues I was having. All notification bar issues, home button probs and all disappeared when I switched; probably from the reflash again as well. #1 - Is it ok for us to switch from S -On to S -Off? I read that post of where to remove the S-On zip if I can find it again but main reason I ask is to see if you would prefer not simply to keep testing that structure? I think my invite email stated that I was being accepted due to saying I was S-On. #2 - Unless I missed it, I haven't seen any fixes for not being able to send MMS on GPE. I can receive MMS just fine on it, but all sends just keep sending and sending.. and sending. MMS works fine sending and receiving on Sense side. I understand they don't sync yet and can use something like MySMS but friends hate getting MMS pics on it cause its just a link to view in web browser. Any suggestions on why MMS doesn't work on GPE? (Sorry if its posted in here somewhere. :) Thanks. All seems to work just fine. Just wanted to consider making the change to S-OFF.
  8. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Previously posted that I was on CWM recovery and had some issues with the untrusted zip as well as GPE home buttons not working. In addition notification bars and quick settings didn't work as stated several times. I decided to switch to TWRP as recommended. Reflashed according to instructions and not a single issue so far. All other issues were corrected without running the fix. Will run several programs and test more. Awesome job Paul!
  9. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Thanks for the invite. Coming from Android Revolution custom ROM on S-On. I installed with no issues Beta 1, Beta 8, S-On zip and Root options. All installed with no issues. However Sense works perfect but GPE does not. I have the issues stated in forum already with Home Buttons not working and no notifications or settings options on notification bar. I will try the fix stated and report back. Also I am using Clockwork Touch Recovery. I do know that every single boot regardless of going to GPE or Sense that it automatically boots to Clockwork Touch recovery and I must install untrusted zip to advance. If I say no to that option, I am taken back to recovery menu. Once I choose install untrusted zip file, it will boot to whichever I chose earlier after choosing to "fix the recovery" or not. I'll try the fix stated on forum and see what happens. Awesome job! I have always been a fan of stock google but I think now that Sense does make the phone. :) But nice to not have to choose!