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  1. Tks! The problem is that the app download advise appears all days...
  2. In my V5 is the same with a chinesse app. But I don't understand your solution... Where is "clear Data"?
  3. Have you visited the website of your company? In the FAQ section usually appears the explanation...
  4. I've the original ROM, I've copy this file and rw- rw- rw- And reboot the phone. And nothing. The compass not work... :(
  5. Pity... Thks for trying it and, above all, to continue looking for a solution :)
  6. I wait expectantly your opinions!!! :)
  7. That's a great news! Hopefully soon :)
  8. I hope so!
  9. Thks for your explanation!!! Do you think it possible to fix up the compass?
  10. Thks!!! I also hope it is a softw. problem
  11. Has anyone tried this ROM? This is the only way to know if the compass works with it or not Relapso, do you have tried this ROM? George, I don't undestand your explanation... "the gravity direction"?
  12. Thanks!!!! You were right!! Now my phone works perfectly over WiFi and 3G gelolocalization :D
  13. The Vowney has another problem: the geolocalization with WiFi & 3G (without GPS). This is a problem of Software (Vowney ROM) because with another cooked ROM this problem was solved...
  14. Any solution with this problem? Thks!!!
  15. Hi, What's the function of this file? Tks!

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