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  1. Wait.. you are serious? Fix what? It's a setting!
  2. Say I want to run another ROM temporarily. Will a nandroid backup capture everything needed? And could I just restore my nandroid to come back and have all my data? I know this is typically the case, but this is no typical rom.
  3. Every day that I wake up I'm still white. I think it is because this is a beta. An we are only on beta 8. Now maybe if you said that you are using some 3rd party app to set a cpu frequency this *might* be relevant. But you did not go into such detail so I'm to assume that you are checking your cpu usage after boot and the cpu is set to 1700... Every time you boot.. Which is f'ing fast by the way.. But maybe just maybe (You did not specify) you are using a third party app to set the cpu frequency. How can you expect that to work with the stock kernel?
  4. This extremely well put together. And other than the SMS/MMS thing, I have zero problems. Well done sir.

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