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  1. Where can I find the switch specific xposed zip?
  2. Yeah. I'm aware of what s off allows you to do, I've just not had a reason to do so therefore figured it Is best to leave s on. More curious to how switching works with s off. Loving it so far. Thanks again for the invite guys.
  3. Okay. Any particular reason this is the case? If it runs any more efficiently I'd consider but I don't mind it booting into recovery. More Just curious why s on does and s off doesn't.
  4. You make very good points. I can deal with the three dot issue on the stock android side. I'd rather contribute properly to the development than go my own way. I'll wait till the final release to start trying custom Kernels. Any other benefit to s off in this situation? I'm aware of other reasons however don't see any beneficial to this particular situation.
  5. Paul, Is it normal for it to boot into TWRP And flash everyone it switches? Also Can I flash a custom kernel as usual? It utilizes an aroma installer to select options. Thanks I'm loving it so far.
  6. Did you disable fastboot In the sense power options?
  7. Just installed it. Everything is working fine. Everytime I switch it boots into recovery and flashes Is this normal ? Also does anyone have any experience using bulletproof kernel with this ?

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