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  1. Make sure the permissions are right after pasting the file in those folders as well. They were not right the first time I did it manually and it didn't want to work right at all.
  2. Ok cool I will keep an eye out for it. :-)
  3. Is it necessary to do the install from the sense side? I ran the installer while in gpe and when I switched back my home button was all sorts of messed up. Along with vibration and maybe other stuff that I didn't pick up on before dirty flashing to get back to stock.
  4. If you upgraded firmware you need to find the version of TWRP for it to work with the new touch drivers. That's what I have and it works beautifully.
  5. It is going into recovery each time because of s-on. It isn't really to much of a different process than with s-off(as I understand) just with s-off it runs the script without recovery(again as I understand it).
  6. Ok so I figured out how to make xposed work for me. I manually moved the app_process file into each folder but when trying to switch it would do the switch into a bootloop on the other side. In order to get it to boot I had to go back into recovery and flash the xposed zip for switch. So I went back into the respective folders and checked the permissions and they were wrong(forgot to do that when placing them). Now xposed sticks through the switch.
  7. So after a clean install I installed the xposed apk again and then activated and flashed the zip from both sense and gpe and still no dice for stcking... I am hesitant to do it manually at has been described because that is what I did last night when everything went ape-stuff on me.....
  8. Just asked this same question on the last page and they said it would work as normal. Haven't tested it yet but just thought I would let you know what they told me.
  9. Thanks for the reply. That's great news.
  10. One other question. Is there a way to do a nandroid of this whole rom or would it just end up doing one or the other or would I just end up with a mess again? I am guessing the mess just wondering if its possible.
  11. Hi thanks for the invite. Have S-Off and TWRP Been messing around trying different setups. Screwed the whole thing up twice in the process but I am loving the ability to just jump over with out losing anything(besides text messages and xposed). Tried a dirty flash over ARHD 12.1 and all went smooth. also did a clean flash and restored apps and data with htc backup and that went through with no issues too. Where I went wrong was flashing a mod to the gpe rom and clearing the caches the first time I screwed up... The second time I was trying to get the xposed app_processes to stick through the switch... Still not working for me even with the new zip... I am going to try another fresh install tomorrow and will see if I can get the xposed thing figured out. Just thought I would report. Again thanks for letting me be a part of this.

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