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  1. Unfortunately my HTC one has developed multiple lines of dead pixels so I have to return it :/ I need to make it look like it hasn't been tampered with after putting SWITCH on my phone I was thinking of restoring it to a back up I have pre SWITCH then doing a factory reset? Cheers Ben
  2. Just tried it without wiping and kept getting booted into recovery, trying with a full wipe now :) Thankfully I backed up ;) Edit: Worked after wipe, shame I had to reinstall and place all my apps again :P
  3. I currently have beta8 on my htc one, can I just flash 10 straight over 8 or do I have to wipe and start from scratch? Probably been asked before but looking through 69 pages would take a while, maybe should be a FAQ? Also what is in the 10 update? Can't seem to find it a description? Thanks in advanced
  4. Solved: Re-wiped and re flashed, everything works fine (so far) yaay :D
  5. When i first booted into sense I still had a few apps there from before the flash, maybe that was the cause of the problem? Also good work, loving this rom, just a shame i break everything :P
  6. I have successfully flashed switch to my HTC one but i am have 2 issues: 1 - I keep getting the error popup "Ufortunately, the process has stopped working" and 2 - Another error popup saying "Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped" This occurs every 5 - 10 seconds or when i open the messaging app, and i am unable to do anything till i press ok. Any sugggestions? Thanks Edit: Forgot to mention this is on the Google Rom, testing the Sense Rom now
  7. Found a good and simple to use guide for the noobs (like me) for installing twrp onto your HTC One Will let you know how it goes shortly

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