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  1. We had a special treatment. We made a list with our data (name, adress, paypal email, phone number, and the items we wanted to order). We sent that list to our contact in Chigon, and then he started sending Paypal Invoices to our accounts with the items we ordered (to our Paypal accounts, the ones we put in the list). We confirmed payment (if everything was in order) and then he sent individually to each adress.
  2. We were about 200 people, with about 330 phones. The price were 201$ USD for the PRO version, 176$ USD for the AIR version, with 12$ USD for the delivery. They were delivered to individual addresses, and we payed separately directly to Chigon.
  3. We did a joint buy from an authorized distributor, Red Light Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Branch (Chigon Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd.). http://chigon.en.aliSPAM.com/
  4. It doesn't look like moving, it stays in place, pretty accurate. Had a Star x26i that was a complete s*** for GPS navigation, so I'm pretty happy with this one.
  5. The compass works great, pretty sensitive I would say. Just opened maps now and leaving the phone on the table the arrow looks solid. As soon as I rotate the device, it changes it direction. Having it in my hand makes the arrow move a bit even when I try to stay still.
  6. Straight out, just installed all my apps, rooted the phone, installed gps test and put it on the window. Took about 1 minute to get the first satellites. This one comes with the SiRF III, that comes with some GPS like TomTom One. No gps.conf editing, no gps fix app, it's great.
  7. I just got a MLais MX58 PRO 2 days ago, 200€ with accesories (phone itself cost 160€, joint buy). GPS Works great: Wi-Fi + GPS GPS Alone: You can see my unboxing here (it is in spanish);