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  1. There is a bug with the sound config, when I press the vol+ por vol- button I cant adjust the main volumen without expand the sound menu, with the buttons I only can adjust the media sound, but not the system volume. There's any fix for that, or will It be fixed in the next update? Btw nice work, I never expected to see my old skate running KK
  2. If you wanna help download the app catlog from play store and make a logcat of the error, it's much more effective.
  3. Ceastel why don't you make a kernel for 10.2 instead of Cm10? Because we have many roms based on CM10.2 (mokee, pac, slim...) but anyone based on cm10, and there are more people using CM10.2 than CM10. I think that make a kernel for CM11 right now It's not neccesary because the ROM needs more stability and fix some bugs and problems
  4. Why when you activate ZRam from performance menu and reboot the phone, instead of activate ZRam It actives Swap? It's weird because the performance of the phone become slow as time goes on. Could you fix it dazz? Or it isn't your business and It's because of CM?
  5. I fixed the pixelation downloading an older version of youtube, later I'll post it and you will be able to watch all the vídeos in hd without pixelation
  6. My G510 doen't boot with the 0.5 for cm10.1, I'm using kra1o5's CM 10.1 and before flash the last kernel i had the 0.49
  7. smartierom 4.3.2

    Specs of the rom? Stock based? CM based? You should add more info about the ROM with screenshots
  8. Could you add ROW I/O Scheduler in the next update for CM10.1? In my opinion it's the best scheduler for this rom
  9. In HTCMania an user has told me that Dazz said in the IRC that he is working on CM11 but i don't know if it's true or not
  10. Try again with the latest twrp
  11. Works perfectly, but when you press the pause button and resume the video the camera, gallery, and audio crash until you reboot the phone
  12. Dazz I've upload to mediafire a logcat with the video recording bug. I have a G510-0200 http://www.mediafire.com/?b8x3l15mjx5xalm
  13. Try procapture paid versión, It's simply awesome, the macro mode and 16:9 photos are perfects