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    Huawei G510 and G620s
  1. I'm trying this rom and is incredibly fast
  2. Several custom recoverys Cyanogenmod 11
  3. TWRP ON G620S!!!
  4. Since you go with the twrp? :P P.D: In the G620s already we have managed to make work the Mokke
  5. Forum Spanish: Recovery: Root: Unlock bootloader:
  6. This I answer myself huawei on the kernel source (G620s). Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Huawei device. The open source is under our technical department to make. Since the procedure is a little more complex, so please kindly be a little patient. Please keep cheking the weblink below for more update: Once again thank you for contacting Huawei device. Best Regards. Stock recovery.img and boot.img of G620s!3tYGwSqS!7KGQIMpTkw3yP2gGIkw8JkAp1p3EI1GzvH4-zw3oDLU Patrik. KT that device has? :blush:
  7. My g620s gives 20008 :D
  8. Am not I your friend? :mellow: (It is a joke) Good that you enjoy of your newly moto G :P
  9. If I you tell the truth, the G620s is a marvel compared with the G510. P.D: I am a user of both mobiles.
  10. Muy new phone is huawei ascend g620s
  11. For it, we concentrate better on the LG L5 that has quite worked. :P

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