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  1. Lowkdown

    [ROM] Midnight Rom V1 [Stock Based][2014-03-30]

    Hello :3 I'll try is ASAP ^^
  2. Lowkdown

    [ROM]MSR-Rom V5 [Official][25-2-14][swing]

    I tried it yesterday but can not restore with TB, stuck at 0% so I gave up Anyone else has got this problem?
  3. Hope that he will found how to solve the bug
  4. Lowkdown

    Have all version of CM their own kernel?

    Hi, thx for the reply If you upload that, I can be boot on the stock rom? Even if I get miui and I am on a mobistar CM? If yes, I think it can help me cause I'm fed up of miui (and these bugs), I want to change a little
  5. Hi everyone, I got a Mobistar CM and I flashed Miui. However, I wan't to go back on the stock rom but after flashing I had the Dmd kernel 1.2 So now, when i want to flash my phone, it have a bootloop... So i'm searching after the stock kernel. So, is there a unique kernel to the CM or a version for mobistar, another for orange etc...? Sorry for my bad english and thx for reading. There is my ADT log file BaseFastboot start Flash Process Beginning [OutputMsg_Devices] 2e894be1 fastboot [OutputMsg_Devices] Device_ID [2e894be1] [Ft_Command_Devices] Exit code is [0] flash aboot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer Inc\Acer_Mobile_Setup\test\ExtractBinFolder\emmc_appsboot.mbn" [Ft_Command] : [info] : Args : flash aboot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer Inc\Acer_Mobile_Setup\test\ExtractBinFolder\emmc_appsboot.mbn" [ErrorMsg] sending 'aboot' (288 KB)... [ErrorMsg] OKAY [ 0.025s] [ErrorMsg] writing 'aboot'... [ErrorMsg] FAILED (remote: Due to device is fused, non-merged file is not supported) [ErrorMsg] finished. total time: 0.029s [Ft_Command] Exit code is [0] [Clean_Fastboot_Data] Delete fastboot.exe [Clean_Fastboot_Data] Delete AdbWinApi.dll And fastboot oem info C:\Users\******\Desktop\Fastboot+ADB>fastboot -i 0x0502 oem device-infos ... (bootloader) Device tampered: false (bootloader) Device unlocked: true (bootloader) Device CPU type is 8260a-1 OKAY [ 0.006s] finished. total time: 0.007s
  6. Lowkdown

    Flash Stock (mobistar) over Miui?

    Ok so I had to shutdown my phone... I didn't read that anywhere but now it's okay... I'm feeling stupid x) Thx for your help
  7. Lowkdown

    Flash Stock (mobistar) over Miui?

    Here is the error http://www.noelshack.com/2013-34-1377122085-fuu.png
  8. Lowkdown

    Flash Stock (mobistar) over Miui?

    Did you download it? Cause this zip is not to flash I think, cause it contain exes files, I already got it and it doesn't work. The flash fail and when I try to get the 2 bin files and flash via ADT it fail too...
  9. Lowkdown

    Flash Stock (mobistar) over Miui?

    Hi, thx for the reply. I got the drivers (who's auto-installed when launching the flashtool of acer (official)). With acer tool I got "Flash fail" And via recovery... where can I found the zip of the MobistarRom?
  10. Hi everyone! After a month using Miui, I would like to go back to the stock rom. However, when i try to reinstall by ADT or via the acer files, I get an error. ADT just said "Flash fail" and Acer Tools said that something is wrong with my device and it show my device rom's name ("miui...") and the new rom(s name. Anyone already got this error? And know how can I flash stock back? Thank you, have a nice day.
  11. Lowkdown

    JB Official Firmware

    Download it, extrat it, launch it, foolow the instruction But for me it stuck at "Drivers installing..." so IDK how can i do
  12. If someone found how to make the headphones work, can he tell me please? I saw that it can be something like a file name...
  13. No, I just installed the game (Fantasy Adventure) and put the files in the obb directory (internal memory -> android/obb) Or I just dl from the playstore and it worked