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  1. try the gapps in the carbon rom post http://www.modaco.com/topic/370701-rom442aospkitkatcarbon-rom-nightlymonthly-buildsbuild110314/
  2. Daz's cm 10.2 pulls from where the source for 10.2.1 us on github so it is 10.2.1 its just named 10.2.
  3. Couple of WiFi related bugs: 1) Has problems connecting to some WiFi hotspots. normally open ones with no wep/WPA protection. Example here in London there's a lot ofplaces tthat offer free WiFi via the cloud network, most connect fine but some wouldn't connect at all. 2) Also noticed that after awhile it seems to stop scanning for access points sometimes and the only way to get phone to pick up WiFi networks is to reboot phone. Other then these to slight bugs rom is good and have switched to it after bouncing back n forth from cm10.1 & cm11
  4. change boot LOGO

    You tried reading the forum? About 8 posts down is this http://www.modaco.com/topic/365554-huaway-y300-splash-screen/ It seems to be what your after! I've also seen a discussion about this in a devolpment thread I'll see if I can find it
  5. For those that use the cLock widget big update coming soon https://plus.google.com/app/basic/stream/z132y3rxjuuzjbht4221hl44tznvd3hhv04
  6. Can't restore SMS when using go backup & restore, does titanium backup work?
  7. Simple in file manager go to settings and then advanced settings, then copy the Titanium Backup folder to the internal sd card
  8. ooohhhh looks like things are coming along nicely with kitkat
  9. Pretty sure link to his github are in OP or are people to lazy to read now?
  10. Stop requesting ROMs!!!!!!!
  11. [Request]Ubuntu 13.10

    Nope people are lazy and want everything but don't want to do it for themselves!
  12. [Request]Ubuntu 13.10

    -1 Mint
  13. [Requesting] PACMAN ROM for y300 :)

    Its demanding cos people of chasing Josalaito up for work he does for fun or hinting at other devs to do it. Like I said if your so desperate for it learn to code for yourself and port it