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  1. @internectual: It vibrates (softly) on lockscreen (B03) and even on stock roms you can't disable that (as far as i know) ¿Perhaps on B6.1 vibrates more harder? Anyway, i'ts just a very small detail don't u think?
  2. Hi everbody I'm still using B03 cause it's working fine by me. Actually, since it was released it's been on my phone, but i'll give a try to B06 :) Thank's for the great job! That doesn't sound like a good enough reason dude Imagine if all users start asking for small "dont like" issues... A stable, smooth and customizable rom is just perfect
  3. Agree I don't like the "wake up with volume buttons" too
  4. haha read the second post, there's a customizable flash.zip inside it you can put any .apk you want
  5. haha funny, actually i like that (no headphone icons and no battery warning message) Andd i know some people like that way too And you tried install the apk's as a normal app? I use windows 8 and all working just fine
  6. 1. Yes, you can 2. Before install this rom, Inside the menu of twrp go to: backup/select all options and swipe to start (If you have clockworkmod its almost the same procedure) If you want detailed information: its everywhere, u just need to search and read (how to make a full backup with twrp/cwm) ______________________ @tillaz: I wan't to just let you know something, maybe you don't know and i didin't read it in earlier posts: when you open an image and then you go to > edit goes FC (maybe that happens only to me though) however, I'm still very happy with this rom :)
  7. There's a way to do that, at least in stock roms and it's replacing the systemui.apk for one you know that got inside the battery icon desired (Don't know if that cause other problems, but you can try) About the rom: 5 days (more or less) using it without any problems I really like this rom :) don't care if a liittle thing who i use and almost nobody uses doesn't work. You can't make everybody happy, even with a stock Edit: Also, you can put battery percent by modifying the build.prop: ro.config.hw_battery_percent=true Again, i'm not sure if you can do this with this rom, (or if it's tha'ts what you want) but you can try it :) Cheers
  8. Those 2 issues are really easy to fix Isn't needed to include it the rom So, for: 1. Simply you can find the .apk file of the radio inside any rom .zip based on stock 2. You can put any mp3 file in system root (system/media/audio) and then you can use as a ringtone or whatever you want :)
  9. That's strange :S My photos are still been saved in the micro sd by default
  10. Working great for me so far :D Trasparent statusbar ok calls ok wifi ok facebook, whatsapp, player pro with dsp pack app ok i love the icon splash animation when an app its recently installed I installed a different battery icon too :) I know (a li'l) how difficult its make a custom rom so i reaally apreciate that cause we, as users, just install it and enjoy the rom... so easy uh?
  11. testing b03, thank you so much tillaz
  12. Hi, probably you have to configure the apn settings for your carrier EDIT Or maybe you delete or modify your modem partitions. I dont know if this rom uses a "cust" folder. That could be too Or it's just a simple config that enables only 2g
  13. Hi tillaz, I just wanna say thanks for the rom, so far i got any problems. (Y300-0151 Movistar Chile) Just need to configure my APN settings and Ta Daa i can't wait for beta2 :D Got another rom for y300 downloaded? you also can find the stock .apk inside the zip EDIT: A few minutes ago i try to make calls but i couldn't. Then, after restart i try again and work fine PS: I like the new animations