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  1. Well, I've just sent it back two weeks ago. They said they would change a motherboard and I will get my phone back in January. But the update zip sound likes a great idea for the other one who also has hynix. Anyway, thank everyone for all the help.
  2. ok sir, i'll try force update again
  3. so, what should i do now?
  4. Hello everybody. I'm a new comer and I need some help. since my phone has a hynix flash memory (and an unofficially unlocked bootloader too) and i know it has a problem with 3.4 kernel in some cm 10.2 build. but he said it was already fixed, so... last week i tried cm11 experimental build on my phone (i didn't know before that it still has a problem with hynix) then i left it for about 5 minutes and then it freeze. i've to remove the battery and reinsert it to make it boot up again. and then this happened again, a several times! so i went back to cm7 and this time it seems the problem has gone. but when i turned it off manually, i've to remove & reinsert the battery again. finally i did the force update to b952 but it doesn't helped. the phone still automatically turned itself off, and will boot up only after i remove and reinsert the battery a several times. (except if i play a music before turning the screen off) so, at this point... is this because of hynix? if so, can i send my g300 back for repair? or i've to make it brick before thank in advance :D also, sorry for my bad english :P
  5. well, i'm from thailand and i bought it at 27/07/2013. and seem it's the last one they sold. that's return 05/2012. PS. sorry for my bad english :P

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